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How to get more subscribers to your Telegram channel quickly

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How to get a large number of subscribers in Telegram with 10 ways. This article will tell you in detail about all the techniques.

10 Ways to Increase Subscribers in Telegram Channels

It has been almost six months since this article was published, and my channel has grown from 1,000 subscribers to 8,000. Since then, I have learned what mistakes I made in the first stages of promoting my channel and how to avoid them for beginners. Many of the novice authors on Telegram ask what I can advise. So I decided to update my old article and make the advice more relevant and correct.

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In Telegram, as in any other social network, first of all, what you write about is important. One important point to consider. People here do not want to read reposts, copypastes and other types of content that everyone else has. Subscribers choose channels with an author’s opinion, a unique perspective on popular news or niche topics. However, the subject matter can be popular, but you should still write about your own.

It is better not to publish long posts. Even in ordinary social networks rarely anyone reads beyond the title. Personally, I strive to write in “Twitter” format. A short post with a picture and a link to the source. My feed is like a catalog of useful services and programs. So I created a list of tags for subscribers to easily find the right program.

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When is the best time to post on Telegram

Choosing the right time to post is a major challenge on any social network. I don’t think it matters for Telegram, and there are several reasons for that:

  • Your subscribers have different time zones. Want to publish a post at 3 a.m.? Please.
  • Some subscribers for your channel have the notification sound turned off.
  • Subscribers have a whole lot of channels as it is.

One simple conclusion you can draw from these three points. Telegram is like an RSS feed. Your post will be read when it is convenient for the subscriber. So you should not publish too much information in a day. A “sheet” of 10500 posts no one will read. Which I personally do not do. And at the moment I’m thinking of a solution to the problem – so that the feed is updated often, but subscribers don’t suffer from the number of posts.

The majority of Russian-speaking Telegram users are from Moscow and St. Petersburg. So if you want to choose the most optimal time, then choose the Moscow time.

There is one more trick. Posts can be sent without notifying users. To do this, just toggle the “bell” icon and the message is sent to the channel without notification.

Deferred posting

To think even less about filling your channel with content throughout the day, use post scheduling tools. For example, KUKU.

With post scheduling, you can pre-determine publications for your feed and go about your favorite activities throughout the day.

How to format posts

Messenger itself does not support any formatting. Links look like http://site, bold text as bold, and so on. This is where bots like @markdownrobot come to the rescue. You can use this bot to format your posts in Markdown markup.

If you know how to use bots well, you can create posts with almost any design. For example, in the Aliexpress aggregator channel @aliexpressall, buttons are added to posts.

Here it is important to remember that not all Telegram clients support this kind of markup. Therefore, some subscribers may not see the messages at all. In addition, you can add votes, likes, polls, and more to your posts.

How to Keep Channel Statistics

Once again, a useful bot, @ControllerBot, has been invented to keep channel statistics. After connecting to your channel, you can request its statistics for the last month. The bot will answer with text data and a nice growth graph.

Advertising purchase

I recommend the exchange advertising in Telegram channels

Among other things, the guys provide:

  • Comprehensive solutions for corporate clients and advertising agencies;
  • Cashless payment;
  • Service as a guarantor (guarantee of reimbursement for the customer and the guarantee of payment for the seller).
  • Catalog of the best channels by topics;
  • User-friendly interface and free channel analytics;
  • Wholesale purchases in one click;
  • Bundled channel promotion service from the Service or independent purchases;
  • Detailed reporting;
  • Optimization of the client’s expenses due to the professionally selected promotion strategy.

Mutual PR

As I wrote in the beginning, it is difficult to reach your audience in Telegram. Therefore, one of the tools for finding two “lonely hearts” will be mutual PR. Find similar channels, preferably with the same number of readers as yours. Then feel free to write to the admins with a proposal for a mutual PR. Many are happy to agree.

How does such a PR look like? You publish a post in his channel, advertising someone else’s channel. Admin in response will publish your advertisement. It is worth remembering that you can not overdo it with such posts. Otherwise, all existing readers will run away from the spam. I publish one ad post a day.

Here’s an example of a promotional post in the @SciencePhysics channel. The channel was created for physics enthusiasts and therefore its readers were interested in such advertising.

The main points to know are:

  • GP is reciprocal PR;
  • “Mega” is very similar to EP. In this case, all the channels that want to participate are gathered into a common list, and advertising goes to all of them at the same time;
  • An hour or other time in the top – after the publication of an advertising post there should be at least an hour before the next publication;
  • 24 hours in the feed – the ad post will not be removed from the feed during 24 hours. Yes, an ad post can be deleted.
  • Views. Some admins leave the post until it gets the right number of views.

Prepare in advance a short description of the channel, a picture and a private link. When a visitor clicks such a link, they automatically become a subscriber. You can get the link in the channel settings > set the channel type to “Private”. After that, you will get a private link. Don’t forget to change the status of the channel back to “public”.

It is important to start tracking conversions from VPs and ads for your channel right away. It will be difficult to do because of the lack of tools for collecting and analyzing statistics. But it should be done, and the sooner the better. This way, you’ll know right away which channels you need to cooperate with in the future.

Buying subscribers

The most expensive, but also the easiest option for attracting readers is to “drive” them for money. There are people on Telegram who will gladly attract live subscribers to your channel for money. This is usually a few rubles per “head.

You can order this type of promotion from some directory administrators. Start with @User_Administration, which will help spread the word about you to more than 30 Telegram channels. In this case, the radius of coverage will be multifaceted and will affect a large part of the audience.

Tell people about yourself on other social networks

The main location for my posts is my blog. Then come social media and the mailing list. You probably have the same. So don’t neglect your readers on Twitter or your website. Tell about your channel in your social groups and people will reach out to you.

Hold a contest

Contests with giveaways are a great way to get people to promote your channel on their own. For example, I came up with a weekly giveaway of useful software licenses. All you had to do to do that was share a post.

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