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How to Get More Likes on Twitter?

Twitter Likes

Figuring out how to get more likes on Twitter isn’t always easy.  Increasing likes can be approached in a variety of ways – some of which are more effective than others.

Likes play a major role in determining the credibility and appeal of a Twitter publisher.  The more likes a post attracts, the more likely it is to be taken seriously by Twitter’s huge global audience.

Hence, accumulating likes is about more than simply stacking up the numbers. Likes make your Tweets more engaging, while making your profile more authoritative. Whatever your goals on Twitter happen to be, you need plenty of likes to make them happen.

But when time is a factor, what are the fastest ways to get more Twitter likes?  How can you adjust your marketing strategy to get more users liking your Tweets as quickly as possible?

How to Get More Twitter Likes?

Increasing your reach on any given social network isn’t something that happens overnight.  The only effective Twitter strategy is a long-term strategy, which focuses on both quick-fixes and long-term gains.

Getting more likes begins by finding ways to get your Tweets to hit as many users’ screens as possible.  After all, they’re not going to like your Tweets if they cannot see them in the first place.

But even then, it’s ultimately the quality of the content you publish that will make all the difference. All the promotional tactics in the world cannot make up for a low-quality profile or uninteresting posts.

If you’re serious about getting more likes for your posts, there are 12 things you need to bring into your publishing strategy. Each of which will help you bring in more likes today, tomorrow and indefinitely:

1) Post Content of Genuine Value

Post Content

First up, everything you publish needs to be of genuine relevance and value.  Make your Tweets fun, Tweet inspirational quotes and post eye catching photos.  Great content is the single most important contributor to a successful Twitter strategy.  Unless your account is associated with quality content, the rest is inconsequential.

2) Have a Plan

Having a plan means coming up with a consistent content calendar and structured publishing schedule.  Or to put it another way, the exact opposite of making things up as you go along.  Creating a content calendar makes it much easier to maintain the highest possible quality standards with every post you publish.

3) Know Your Audience

Getting to know your targeted audience at the deepest possible level is also essential.  Ask yourself – what are they looking for on Twitter? What can you offer them that’s unavailable elsewhere?  What do they expect from you?  How can you exceed their expectations?  What would engage you if you were in their position?

4) Post Consistently

schedule your Tweets

When you schedule your Tweets, you make things much easier for yourself.  As an added bonus, you also ensure your audience knows exactly when to tune in to see your latest content.  Scheduled publishing (as touched upon above) always leads to better engagement rates than publishing randomly.

5) Leave Plenty of Likes

If you want people to like your Tweets, you need to do the same for them in return.  More specifically, you need to lead by example. The more interactive and engaged you are with other people’s posts, the more likely they are to like yours.  Make the effort to embrace the ‘social’ side of social media at every opportunity.

6) Use Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are essential for driving traffic based on specific topics, interests or niches. They should therefore be used appropriately with every Tweet you publish, though in strict moderation. Never use irrelevant or unrelated hashtags, or make the mistake of using too many hashtags – both of which will only work against you.

7) Make Your Tweets Public

Make Tweets public

It’s surprising how many publishers on Twitter are unaware of the importance of making their Tweets public. If your Tweets are posted privately, only your current friends and followers can like them. If you want to attract as many likes as possible, you need to share your Tweets with as many people as possible.

8) Tweet On Trending Topics

Hot topics go cold on Twitter in the blink of an eye. You therefore have very limited time to get on board with trending topics, before they become yesterday’s news.  Precisely where keeping a close eye out for what’s making waves at any given time can make all the difference. Unless you’re right on the cutting edge of your niche, you’re doomed to fall behind the pack.

9) Interact With Your Followers


Once again, the importance of interacting with your target audience cannot be overstated.  This means liking their Tweets, leaving comments, responding to comments, retweeting their posts and so on.  Active and engaged publishers are always attract more comments than those who rarely (or never) make the effort to interact with their followers.

10) Build Relationships with Other Publishers

Collaborations can be pure gold on competitive platforms like Twitter. When you collaborate with another publisher, you gain access to their audience of fans and followers. You promote their content to your own audience, and they do the same for you in return. Best of all, collaborations are free to strike up and can be long-term (or even permanent) where successful.

11) Post Video Content

Incredibly, research suggests that only around 2% of Tweets are accompanied by a GIF or video clip.  Remarkable, given how video content is the single most engaging and shareable form of content on social media.  If there’s a way of bringing more video content into your Tweets, it’s something you should be doing at every opportunity.

12) Buy Twitter Likes

Twitter fans

Last up, by far the quickest and easiest ways to get all the likes you need is to buy them. For over a decade, Media Mister has made it safe and simple to buy Twitter likes for an instant boost.  More specifically, 100% real Twitter likes that are as safe and effective as organic likes. If looking to get the job done as quickly as possible, buying likes from a trusted source comes highly recommended.


Buying likes has the potential to provide your content and your profile with an immediate performance boost. You can by hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of likes as a quick and easy way to make your voice heard.

However, it is ultimately down to the quality of the content you publish to determine the outcome. What’s important to remember is how all the likes in the world cannot make up for low-quality content.

If your Tweets aren’t up to scratch, the rest is inconsequential.

For a quick-fix, buying likes comes highly recommended.  But when it comes to boosting the longer-term performance of your posts and your profile, each of the activities outlined above is just as important.

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