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How to Get Free Cell Phone for Disabled on Social Security

It’s with no doubt that we are in a technology advanced world where cell phones and other connectivity devices have become so crucial and tough to live without. Although these devices are affordable to a certain group of people (the rich), financially disadvantaged individuals still struggle to afford them. To create a balance or break the digital divide, the government initiated Lifeline, a program that offers free cell phone and other wireless services to financially strained households through participating carriers. To qualify for a lifeline free phone, you must meet a number of eligibility requirements. For instance, you must have an income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guideline or participate in government assistance programs like social security.

Luckily, social security participants are automatically considered eligible for free cellphones under lifeline program. However, you must be have suffered limited or loss of income because of retirement or disability to get a free cellphone through social security. In addition, you are considered eligible for this benefit as a survivor of the beneficiary. Please note that getting a free cellphone through social security is not a direct process. As a result, this article has brought you a full guide on how to navigate through. Do you want to know more on how to get a fee cellphone through social security? Read this article keenly!

About Social Security Program

As you probably know, social security is a federal welfare program that automatically qualifies you for lifeline benefits. Besides that fact, this program is commonly known as the elderly, survivors and disability insurance program that is administered by the social security administration. This is to offer aid to consumers that have retired or have lost their income as a result of disability. Please note that the aged and retiree are the main beneficiaries of this program. However, you can also qualify for the program if you are a spouse, unmarried child, widow or widower of the affected. If you fall in any of this category, you will be approved for free cellphone through lifeline.

Eligibility Requirements One Needs To Meet To Get A Free Cell Phone Through Social Security

As of now, you know that it’s possible to get a free cell phone through social security from lifeline. However, before lifeline approve your free phone request, they must establish whether you qualify for social security benefits. Below is how to qualify for free cell phone through social security:

    • You qualify as a retiree: Retirement is one of the main factors that qualifies you for social security. As long as you are a retiree who’s 62 years and above, you are considered eligible for a free cell phone through social security.
    • You qualify as a disabled: Apart from retirement, disability is another key factor that qualifies you for social security. To qualify however, you must be medically proven disabled, a condition that limits your working ability. As long as you have surpassed five calendar months of disability, you will be considered eligible for e free cellphone through social security.
    • You qualify as a spouse or ex-spouse of the beneficiary: As we have seen, disabled and retirees are the major beneficiaries of the social security benefits. However, if you are a spouse or divorced spouse of a qualified retiree or disabled, you are also considered eligible for social security benefits based on your partner’s earnings record. If you are a divorced spouse from a marriage that lasted for more than ten years or a current spouse who has been in marriage for more than a year, you can be eligible for a free cell phone through social security
    • You qualify as a widower or widow of the beneficiary: If your social security beneficiary dies, you, as a surviving spouse, will also be considered eligible for SS benefits as a survivor. As long as you had lasted more than 9 months in that marriage, you will also be considered eligible for a free cell phone though social security.

Documents One Need To Submit During The Application Process

When you qualify for social security benefits, you are now at a liberty of applying for a free cell phone through lifeline program. When applying for this benefit however, you need to attach documents to show proof that you receive social security benefits. In addition, you need to attach your identity and address documents. In this section, we shall discuss all the documents needed when applying for a free cell phone:

Eligibility Documents

Since you are getting a free cell phone though social security, you should attach documents with proof that you qualify for this benefit. This can be your social security benefit award letter, statement of benefits, approval letter or verification letter. While attaching these documents, you must ensure that they have your full name, the name of your qualifying program and a future expiration date.

Identity Documents

Besides eligibility, you should attach documents to prove your identity. As long as your document includes your name and date of birth, you will be good to go. Identity documents include: your birth certificate, passport, green card, US drivers License or certificate of US Citizenship.

In addition, you should attach your address documents such as utility bill, lease statement or recent W-2.

Steps To Apply For A Free Cell Phone Through Social Security

Applying for free Cellphone through social security requires you to qualify and signup for lifeline through USAC life support official website. Afterwards, contact your service provider and get your free cellphone. Below is the process to follow when applying for a free cell phone through social security:

    • Step 1: Visit lifeline support official website “” and tap “apply now” button
    • Step 2: Select your state and click on “get started
    • Step 3: Provide all the required personal information. When providing this information, always provide valid and legit information because it will be used to establish qualification.
    • Step 4: Herein, provide your full legal name, date of birth, the last four days of your social security number, your home address then click “next”
    • Step 5: Follow prompts to complete and submit your application
    • Step 6: Get approval from the lifeline national verifier within hours
    • Step 7: Contact your provider and receive your free cellphone.

Service Providers That Offer Cell Phones Through Social Security

There are several providers that offers free cellphones after you qualify for lifeline through social security. Some of these providers offer free cellphones through lifeline plans while others requires you to bundle lifeline and ACP before getting your free cellphones. Below are service provider’s that offer cellphones through social security:

1. Standup Wireless

This is one of the eminent lifeline service provider that offers free cellphones through social security. However, to get a free cell phone from this service provider, you should bundle your lifeline and ACP benefits. From this carrier, you will get a free cell phone, unlimited talk& text, nationwide coverage and up to 10GB of high speed data. To get your free phone, visit this page “”, enter your ZIP code, email address and tap on “begin application” 

2. Assurance Wireless

This is another reliable service provider that gives free Cellphones through social security. As long as you meet lifeline eligibility, you will get a free cellphone from this carrier through a very easy process. Besides a free cell phone, this carrier also offers free unlimited monthly data, call minutes and text. To get a free cellphone from assurance wireless, visit their website “” and start your application.

3. Safelink Wireless

This is another carrier that offers free cellphone to social security eligible consumers. Through the carrier’s lifeline program, new customers are given a free cell phone, free unlimited talk, free unlimited text and free data every day. To get a free cell phone from this company, visit their official website “!/newHome”, enter your ZIP code and start your application.

4. Cintex Wireless

This is another lifeline service provider that offers free Cellphone through social security. The carrier is famously known to offer free phones from trusted brands like Samsung and Apple among others. However, you must bundle lifeline and ACP benefits before getting a free cell phone from this service provider. To get a free cell phone from cintex wireless, open their website “” and start your application by clicking the “apply” icon.

Other providers through which you can get free cell phones through social security”

    • Airtalk Wireless
    • Entouch Wireless
    • Assist Wireless
    • Tru Wireless

Benefits One Can Reap After Getting A Free Cell Phone Through Social Security

After getting a free cell phone through social security, you will enjoy a number of additional benefits. Please note that these benefits vary depending with your selected service provider. Common benefits to enjoy are:

    • You will get free unlimited call minutes for easy communication
    • Free unlimited texts every month for easy communication
    • Free unlimited data for easy browning and connection
    • Free hotpot services depending with your service providers
    • Free call waiting, call forwarding , call block and call rejection services

Supposing I Do Not Qualify To Get A Free Cell Phone Through Social Security, What Should I Do

When applying for free cellphone through social security, you will either get approved or rejected for the program. More often, your application get rejected if you don’t meet lifeline requirements discussed above. If you submit wrong application documents, your application will also get rejected. Supposing you get rejected for the benefit, worry not because there are other alternative ways of getting a free cell phone.

You can try getting a free cell phone form non-profit organizations that offer various help to the needy in the society. You can also ask for help form your local church, school programs, community programs or public libraries. You can also participate in online giveaways and be lucky to get a free device.

Will I Get A Recent Model Through Social Security? Which Models Can I Expect To Get Free Of Charge

When applying for a free cell phone through social security, you are not given a chance to select your preferred phone. This is because the carrier will randomly pick a phone for you, subject to availability. Please note that lifeline providers don’t offer high end models of phones for free. Instead, you will get entry level or mid-range quality types of phones for free.

If I Lose My Free Government Phone, Can I Get A Replacement Model

Yes, in case you lose your free government cellphone, you can get a replacement depending with your service provider. However, you will need to cater the cost of your replacement phone.

If The Applicant Is A Senior, Which Features Should His Preferred Model Come With

If you are applying for a free cell phone as a senior, your lifeline provider might consider sending you a senior friendly phone. I mean, unlike other users, seniors need simple to use phones with less complicated features. As a senior, your phone should feature large display with clear fonts, audible volume and easy to use keypads among other features.

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