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How to Get and Keep the Attention of a Woman

Do you want to get and keep the attention of a girl? Here are some tips to help you do so.

Keep her intrigued

While making a lady conscious about her flaws can be a great move, you should be cautious that you don’t overdo it as this can push her away. It is important that you establish a balance by impressing her every once in a while. 

As she will have already become used to receiving criticisms from you, this change is sure to capture her attention and leave her wondering. 

Demonstrate dominance

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to get the attention and affection of the girl that they like is submitting to her every wish. All they want is to prove to the girl that they will go above and beyond for her. Don’t be so predictable

The right move is to show the girl that you can’t be easily controlled. In fact, let her know that you prefer staying single instead of committing to someone who controls you. 

Show that you are committed to your personal goals

Women are always looking for someone who is goal-driven, and you need to demonstrate this by the way you talk and act. 

Once she realizes that you are truly focused on your dreams and goals and are actively working towards achieving them, she will respect you and become more interested in you. 

Maintain a good sense of humor

Did you know that when a girl finds a man funny, she feels closer to him? The ability to make a girl laugh is a surefire way of getting her attention according to this Russian escort agency

By adding humor to your conversations with a lady, you take control of the atmosphere, making it easier for her to like you and pay more attention to you. 

If she’s already giggling and smiling, you just know you are set. 

Show interest in the things she’s passionate about

Showing that you also have a real interest in the things that your crush likes or does is a great way to get her attention. 

Perhaps ask her about her work schedule or her favorite hobbies. This way, you will demonstrate to her that your intentions are deeper and more genuine than just flirting with her.  

Even ask her what things she finds annoying that guys do to try and get her attention. This will help you avoid committing the same mistakes. 

Show her that you remember things that she said in the past

One tried and tested method of getting a girl to pay attention to you is to remind her of things that she said in the past, even the smallest ones. 

Doing this makes you seem like a caring and thoughtful person who she can see herself having a future with. For example, if she mentioned something that was disturbing her sometime back, ask her about it later. 

Show interest in the people she hangs out with

There is no way around it, if you’ve finally managed to secure a girl’s attention and are looking to take things to the next level, you need to be on friendly terms with her friends. 

Her friends’ opinions will play a big role in her decision of whether or not to date you. Therefore, to put yourself in the best position, one of your first steps should be to show interest in her clique.

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