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How To Get a Job As An Accountant

As with any higher-entry-level job, it can be difficult to land an accounting job without any experience. Many times these jobs are looking for employees that have years of experience behind them. So, how do you persuade an employer to give you a chance at a job without having much experience? There are a few ways that you can get an employer to notice you and give you a shot by knowing your stuff and being creative. The experience that most accounting services are looking for is knowledge of taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, and financial analysis. But above all of these specifics, they want to know that you can be detail oriented and that you are extremely organized. Those skills are something that can be showcased without having specific experience and is the key to landing a job as an accountant.

Many Different Types of Accountants

When looking into these specific jobs, especially with having limited experience, it can be comforting to know that there are many different kinds of accountants and positions that you can go for. While many positions deal with tax services, there are other types of accounting-related jobs out there that may fit the skills and experience that you have now.

  • CPAs (certified public accountant) – adviser accountants for upper-level businesses.
  • Government accountants – keeping track of taxpayer money, IRS-type services.
  • Construction accountants – construction accounting aids in booking keeping and financial accounting services for your business.
  • Auditors – organized professionals that deal with accounting systems and financial statements.
  • Forensic accountants – are used to investigating financial fraud and discover any financial errors that have been made.

Gain Valuable Experience

A huge step in landing these jobs is by having the valuable experience to add to an accountant company. Now, this can be difficult if you can’t get a job without experience but you still need it. There are several ways to gain this experience without being employed – and a way this experience can be available to everyone. This experience does not have to be in the accounting field but it will still pass the value of experience when applying for the job. In order to get some valuable bookkeeping experience, you could volunteer at a church or a shelter and assist in their bookkeeping processes. There are also internship experiences that can be offered or volunteer positions available under tax services with the IRS. While these experiences are unpaid, if you have the time to devote to them, they can be great resume builders. Getting an entry-level job as a clerk or collections representative will also give you the experience you need to help you get to a higher-level position. And finally, a receptionist or administrative assistant can help enhance your skills and provide you with valuable experience to get the coveted job as an accountant.

Your Experience is What Matters

Great Accounting Services are built around exceptional competence and experience, however you do not need an exact official title or job to gain enough experience to land a job as an accountant. Many of the skills, such as financial knowledge and organizational skills, can be fostered in other jobs or volunteer positions. Through these suggestions, you can find which path will work the best for you based on your skills and the experience that you still need to show that you have what it takes to become an accountant. Whether it is in auditing or construction accounting, you have the opportunity to get any job you desire by cultivating the skills and knowledge that you have now and building on top of that.

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