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How to Geotag Your Image?


According to a recent survey, about 32 billion photos are taken every week, and only a little above 500,000 are geotagged. This is to say that many people do not know what image geotagging is all about, or those who know don’t understand its benefits. For those few who don’t know, image geotagging is the practice of embedding the geographical location (longitude and latitude) of where a picture was taken in the image.

Why is a Geotag Important?

The importance of this is that it helps whoever comes into possession of the photo to know the exact place it was taken from. It is most useful for tourists who desire to visit after seeing a picture. Companies also add geotag on images to track the behavior of their customers on the web and understand which areas they should concentrate on when advertising. Whether you are a tourist, a company person, or someone who understands the need for photo geotagging, here are some guidelines you should follow.

Geotagging Your Image

The camera does the first way to geotag your photos; the second is done automatically. Automatic image geotagging is easily done today through the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. With Google and iOS, people can now take a picture without the stress of physically tagging it to their location. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also have these features installed on them. The second option is the photo geotag is manual. Here are some of the steps.

  • Take a photo with your camera.
  • Set the time of your camera to coincide with your GPS logger.
  • Download the photo and convert it to JPEG.
  • Download your GPS coordinates from the GPS logger.
  • Install the GPS coordinates into the EXIF image file using your preferred software.

 Equipment For Image Geotagging

Below are the things you will need for geotagging

Digital Camera

Without a digital camera, there is no way you can take a photograph in today’s world. When getting yourself a camera, make sure to pick one that enables automatic geotagging of images. If that kind of camera is beyond your reach, go for a camera that allows GPS loggers to be plugged into it. This will make life much easier as you will not have to go through the stress of manually logging the photo’s location in its EXIF file.

GPS Loggers

GPS loggers are used when cameras are not equipped with features enabling them to tag images automatically. GPS loggers are devices that track your locations and log them into your file when connected to a camera or computer system.

The Internet

The internet is a very important tool for geotagging photos. When connected to the internet, you can easily use Google or Yahoo Maps to tag the exact location of your pictures. Using the internet, photo tagging can simply be done by dragging your photo to a place on the map and pinning it. Software

Using special computer software is imperative to effectively and efficiently geotag your photos. These programs contain maps and tools that make manual photo tagging less cumbersome. Most of this software can be installed on mobile devices.

Bottom Line

Following the tips above, you must have understood how to geotag your pictures and their importance. So on your next trip or vacation, make it a duty to tag all your photos to make it easier for friends to enjoy your experience.

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