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How To Gain Followers On Instagram

One of the best tools today for achieving success with your audience is Instagram. It generates a close relationship with customers and enables a great variety of Digital Marketing strategies.

Instagram already has more than 600 million active users per month, according to data provided by the platform itself. Being the 2nd most used social network in United State, second only to Facebook. Before you start reading this article we would like to tell you this article doesn’t recommend buying fake accounts.

In addition, the photo-sharing application is bringing new features with more features for its users.

In 2016, the network launched Instagram Stories, which allows users to share their moments with photos and videos of up to 10 seconds, customizing them with text, emojis and hand-drawn drawings. And, just like Snapchat, publications are only live for 24 hours.

Instagram also launched the “ Account for Business ”, enabling companies to create business profiles. Thus, information is made available on which publications had more engagement among followers and other important data for analysis.

With so much success, companies started to use the tool more and more to increase their sales and their visibility. And one of the great goals of these brands is, of course, to increase their number of followers.

For that, we’re going to teach you how to gain followers on Instagram and pump up your profile. Check out:

Learn from the competition

Especially for those just starting out, it’s essential to check out what other companies in the same segment have posted and how they use Instagram in general. This is a great way for you to get ideas of what has worked and, of course, analyze what absolutely should not be done in your profile.

We’re not talking here about imitating another company— originality is also very important in the process of gaining followers!

But you can get informed and learn good strategies with other profiles, adapting and improving for your brand.

Use hashtags

The hashtags are already a very common expression among users in social networks. They are those keywords preceded by the symbol popularly known as tic-tac-toe (#) and serve to categorize the content of a publication.

The created hashtags are automatically transformed into hyperlinks. That way, when a person clicks on that word, an automatic search is performed showing all posts made by other people who also added that hashtag.

It’s a way to create an interaction with other users who are interested in the subject that you posted. To use them, it’s simple: just insert the t-shirt (#) before the keyword. Spaces are not identified, so you must write all the words together.

Let’s imagine you have a clothing store and posted a look like high-waisted jeans. The hashtags that could be used are:

  • #Jeans;
  • #Denim;
  • #belt;
  • and so on.

That way, if a person is looking for a product or subject with these specifications, it’s likely that their store will be seen during that search.

Create partnerships and make sweepstakes

Partner with other Instagram users who have followers based on their Persona. You can exchange promotions or make sweepstakes.

In the sweepstakes, you can choose a product or service of your brand to give to the winner and determine a rule in which, to participate, users must follow both profiles (of your company and the partner profile) and mark more friends in the publication of the draw.

It is interesting that these partnerships are made with users who have a large number of followers and are related to your business’ niche.

Invest in a digital influencer

A digital influencer is nothing more than a person who influences others digitally through social media. Some of them are well known, like Hugo Gloss and Gabriela Pugliese.

You can usually contact a digital influencer through Instagram itself. Each has a proposal and a price for making the disclosures. Of course, the more widely known and with more followers, the investment tends to be greater.

But there are some of them who agree to do with very affordable values, like a kind of partnership, in which you provide a product or a service of your company and, in return, it publicizes your profile But, before going out there closing partnerships with anyone, it is essential to analyze whether the digital influencer has a relationship with your company and with your target audience.

It’s no use hiring a person who has never been physically active if you have a fitness clothing business, for example.

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