How to Fix Video Quality: 2 Best Ways for Windows and Mac

Poor-quality video streaming can be annoying. Let’s learn how to fix the quality of a video to improve your video content and avoid common mistakes.

Video content’s popularity has increased significantly in recent times. However, despite using high-end and modern cameras, you may have a bad-quality video output, frustrating you to the core. Let’s find out the best ways to fix video quality on Windows and Mac computers using the best tools. 

Reasons for Poor Quality Videos

Before we learn how to fix the quality of a video, let’s review the most common causes for poor video quality as listed below:

  1. Low-quality Camera 

Using an old, outdated, or low-quality camera will definitely not produce as good quality as a high-end professional camera. However, before using any camera, you should check if your lens is dirty to bring your camera back up to par!

  1. Inadequate Lighting

Inadequate lighting can cause poor video quality. Cameras can not pick up good contrast in low or dark lighting. 

  1. Incorrect Camera Settings

Incorrect camera settings can hamper video quality. For example, the wrong shutter speed can affect how clearly your camera captures your video. 

  1. Wrong Compression 

Using the incorrect codecs to compress your video will lower its quality. So, use the correct codecs to make your video content compatible with streaming services.

Way 1: How to Fix Video Quality for Windows with UniFab Video Quality Enhancer

UniFab is the perfect video quality enhancement and ai video upscaling solution. It can automatically enhance poor image quality and low-resolution videos up to 4K using the power of AI with super-resolution technology. 

Key Features

  • Remove unwanted noise from the footage caused by various reasons automatically
  • Convert video to 1000+ Formats into a compatible format for any device
  • Compress high-quality video and audio loosely while maintaining the original quality of the videos
  • Provides video editing toolbox for beginners and professional editors
  • Create captivating videos with VideoCruise
  • Lightning-fast processing with GPU Acceleration boosts your video, enhancing speed up to 50 times faster than usual

How to fix the quality of a video Using UniFab AI Video Enhancer 

Step 1: Launch and open the UniFab. On the main screen, choose the ‘Enlarger‘ mode.

Step 2: Add the video you desire to upscale. Customize the output format, quality, audio, subtitle, etc.

Step 3: Tap the start button to edit your video. Unifab will finish the task with GPU acceleration.

Way 2: How to Fix Video Quality for Mac with Apple iMovie 

Apple iMovie is a powerful video editing software that provides video enhancement solutions, including image stabilization, color correction, noise reduction, and other advanced features to improve your videos’ color accuracy and dynamic range.

Key Features

  • Supports upscaling SDR to HDR and Dolby Vision 
  • Enhance the color accuracy and dynamic range of your videos
  • Integrates with Facebook and YouTube
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy sharing of videos
  • Add narration to videos

How to fix the quality of a video Using Apple iMovie 

Step 1: Open iMovie on your Mac.

Step 2: Select a clip on the timeline or browser. 

Step 3: You will find the Enhance button in the adjustments bar at the top of Viewer. Click it. 

Step 4: Apple iMovie will auto-enhance your video and highlight the Volume button for improved audio content.

The Final Wrap

Video quality is a necessary aspect of creating captivating video content. However, not all videos are made with high quality, and sometimes, the quality of a video may be below the standard you expected. This is when video quality enhancement software will be helpful. Here, we have discussed how to fix video quality using the two best ways for Windows and Mac computers. Each one provides a different set of capabilities and options. However, the best software will depend on each user’s particular needs and goals.  


  • Can video enhancement software improve the quality of low-resolution videos?

Yes. Most video enhancers allow for improving the quality of poorly recorded footage to enhance the overall content. UniFab All-In-One can upscale low-resolution videos using AI algorithms to increase the pixel count.

  • What is the best software to remove noise from video?

UniFab All-In-One’s AI technology works wonders to reduce noise, dust, and grain from video, significantly enhancing and upscaling the overall content. 

  • How can I improve my video quality for free online?

Use free online video enhancer software to fix your video quality. Here’s how to enhance a video in ClipChamp.

Step 1: Open Clipchamp and import your video file.

Step 2: Drag your media file and drop it onto the timeline.

Step 3: Tap the Adjust colors tab and use the color correction sliders to enhance your clip. 

Step 4: Save your enhanced video in full H video resolution. 

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