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How to Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo During iOS 15 Update?

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If your iPhone stuck on Apple logo during iOS 15 update, then there is nothing to panic about. It’s a common issue that many Apple users face whenever they try to update their iOS version. Some of the common causes that lead to this problem include network issues, slow internet, software glitch, Apple servers down, hardware malfunction, or similar other bugs. In any case, it is a fixable problem and this guide is all about it. You will learn about different methods that users have found to be effective in resolving the issue. 

Method 1. Try To Force Restart iPhone Firstly (Simplest Method)

In most cases, a minor system glitch can be the reason why your iPhone stuck on Apple logo during iOS 15 update. So, a quick “Force Restart” can fix such minor glitches or bugs. Depending on your iPhone model, there are different ways to force restart. Follow the below steps based on which model you are using:

  • iPhone 8 and Later: Press and release the “Volume Up” button. Press and release the “Volume Down” button. Press and hold the “Power” button until the Apple logo shows up on your phone. 
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the “Side” button and “Volume Down” button until the Apple logo shows up on your phone. 
  • iPhone 6s and Earlier: Press and hold the “Side” button and “Home” button until the Apple logo shows up on your phone. 

iPhone gets force restart

Once your iPhone gets force restart, it should no longer get stuck in the Apple logo. But if still your iPhone only shows Apple logo, then the issue is more complex. So, it’s better you opt for an iOS system repair tool to resolve the issue in a hassle-free process.

Method 2. Restore iPhone With Tenorshare ReiBoot (Without Data Loss)

Since you don’t know what has made your iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, an iOS system repair tool can come in handy in such situations. Tenorshare ReiBoot is one comprehensive iOS system recovery software at your disposal.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is an intelligent and powerful iOS system repair tool that can address 150+ iOS system glitches and bugs with its simple click-based interface. Its “Standard Repair” mode performs an in-depth analysis of your iOS system to find the root causes and then fixes them right away. In addition, the tool is extremely user-friendly and anyone can use it to fix iOS 15 system problems conveniently.

Follow the below steps to to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo during iOS 15 update:

Step 1. Download and launch Tenorshare ReiBoot. Connect your iPhone with your computer using a USB cable and then click “Start”. 

Step 2. Tick the “Standard Repair” checkbox and then click the “Standard Repair” button.

Standard Repair

Step 3. The tool will now provide you the Firmware package related to your iPhone model that you have to download. So, click “Download” and wait till the download is completed. 


Step 4. After download, click the “Start Standard Repair” button. The repair process will begin and it will take few minutes to complete the repair process.

Step 5. Your repair will be successful if you see the “Standard Repair Completed” message. Afterward, follow the on-screen instructions. That’s it! 

After you have completed the above steps, your iPhone is successfully repaired and it should now reboot normally. In addition, you will also notice that all your data remains intact with no single data loss possibility.

Method 3. Restore iPhone with iTunes (Risking losing data)

To fix iPhone frozen on Apple logo during  iOS 15 update, another solution is to restore with iTunes/Finder. You first have to put your iPhone into recovery mode and then iTunes will restore your phone back to its normal state. But this method has one major drawback that it will result in losing all your iPhone data. So, it is recommended that you first do data backup before proceeding with this method.

Follow the below steps to restore iPhone with iTunes/Finder:

1) Connect your iPhone with the computer using a USB cable and then open iTunes/Finder. 

2) Enter your iPhone into recovery mode. Depending on which iPhone model you are using, there are dedicated approaches to enter recovery mode. So, we recommend that you use ReiBoot iPhone recovery mode tool to enter recovery mode no matter which iPhone model you have.  So, launch the program and then click “Enter Recovery Mode”. Please note the function is free.

3) Wait until you see a pop-up message displayed by iTunes/Finder informing that your iPhone is in recovery mode. Afterward, click the “Restore” button.


4) In the next pop-up window, click “Restore and Update”. iTunes/Finder will start the restore process and factory reset your iPhone.

restore iphone

Once the restore process is completed by iTunes/Finder, your iPhone should reboot normally. However, you will witness that all your previous data and setting preferences are deleted with the factory reset.

Method 4. Restore iPhone From DFU Mode

If iTunes restore isn’t the solution to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo during iOS 15 update, then you have to restore iPhone from DFU mode. DFU stands for Device Firmware Update. It should be used when you want to do the deepest restore of your iPhone. But this method will also delete all of your iPhone data. 

Follow the below steps to restore the iPhone from DFU mode:

  1. Enter your iPhone into DFU mode. Just like “Recovery Mode”, there are different approaches to enter DFU mode depending on the iPhone model. Follow the steps given in this guide to enter DFU mode
  2. Once you are in DFU mode, connect your iPhone with your computer and open iTunes/Finder app. 
  3. Wait until you see a pop-up message from iTunes/Finder asking you whether you want to restore your iPhone. So, click “Restore” and then click “Restore and Update” in the next pop-up message.

The restore process will begin and will be completed shortly. Once done, your iPhone should no longer be stuck on the Apple logo.

Method 5. Contact Apple

If your iPhone only shows Apple logo even after completing all the above methods, then probably there is some issue with the hardware or in-depth system glitch. The only solution left for you now is to contact Apple or reach out to Apple’s nearest repair shop to get it diagnosed and fixed. 


So, this guide highlighted some of the recommended ways to practice when your iPhone stuck on Apple logo during iOS 15 update. You should first “Force Restart” your iPhone, as it fixes the issue mostly. If that’s not the solution in your case, then Tenorshare ReiBoot is the perfect restore tool for you. Not just it offers a click-based and user-friendly approach, but recovery without data loss is something everyone wants. Other than that, restore from recovery mode or DFU mode should only be practiced if you have data backup beforehand. So, pick the method that best suits you and restore your iPhone right away. 

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