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How to fix Airplay not working on LG TV?

For LG TV owners, the frustration of Airplay, not working can be incredibly disheartening. Whether you’re trying to stream music or videos, having your Airplay connection interrupted can be a considerable nuisance. Fortunately, troubleshooting this issue doesn’t have to be complicated. This post will provide tips and tricks to get your Airplay connection up and running again on your LG TV. We’ll also offer affordable solutions if the problem persists or worsens.

LG TV airplay not working is a significant issue for many Apple users. It can be a frustrating experience to try and access content through the Airplay feature, only to find out that it needs to be fixed on your LG TV. Fortunately, several potential solutions are available to help you get your Airplay feature up and running again

Problem Diagnosis: Check Network Connection

Are you having trouble connecting your Apple Airplay to your LG TV? Don’t worry; this problem is a common one. Here we will explain the steps to diagnose and address the network connection issue. 

First, ensure that your Apple device and LG TV connect to the same Wi-Fi network. They need to work on the same local area connection (LAN) for Airplay streaming. Verify that each device has an internet connection, then try restarting them. Additionally, if you have a firewall enabled on either device, check that it’s not blocking any traffic from either side. 

Troubleshooting Tips: Restart Device

Troubleshooting technical issues can be daunting, especially regarding Airplay not working on LG TV. If you’re having difficulty with your device, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these top troubleshooting tips. W

The most common solution to fixing Airplay is restarting the device itself. This will help reset any saved settings or connections and allow for a more straightforward connection process. To begin, unplug the power cord from your TV and wait at least one minute before plugging it back in. Once turned around, open the Airplay function and look for available devices in the range of your TV. 

If restarting does not solve the issue, try connecting your device to another LG TV in range and see if that works better.

Checking iOS Version

If you have an LG TV and Apple’s Airplay 2 is not working, chances are that the version of iOS on your device is out of date. To ensure your device is running the updated version of iOS, it is essential to check for updates periodically. 

Updating your iOS version takes only a few moments and can be done in a few easy steps. First, open up the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Then select General followed by Software Update to see if there’s any available update for download. Once downloaded, follow Apple’s prompts to install the update and restart the device completely. After completing this process, Airplay 2 should work with your LG TV without issue.

Check Router Settings

Do you need help getting your Airplay to work on your LG TV? Don’t worry, because it’s a common problem and usually can be easily solved. The most likely cause of this issue is that the router settings are not configured.

The first step in fixing this issue is to check the router settings. To do so, open an internet browser and enter the IP address for the router. This should bring up a page where you can log in with your credentials and access the router settings page. Once on this page, you will want to look for any options related to Airplay or wireless streaming and ensure they are enabled. Additionally, if there is an option for firewall security, ensure it is set to low or disabled, as this may block certain connections needed for Airplay functionality.

Update TV Firmware

Are you experiencing issues with Airplay on your LG TV? It may be time to update your television’s firmware. Updating the firmware of an LG TV can help fix a range of issues—including Airplay not working correctly. It is important to note that updating your TV’s firmware will result in temporary downtime as you wait for the new version to download and install itself. 

To get started updating your LG TV’s firmware, check what version you currently have installed. Then, compare that performance against the latest version available from LG’s website—if they differ, follow the steps outlined on their site to update your firmware and get back up and running again!

Connect to TV via HDMI

Connecting your Apple device to an LG TV via HDMI cable can be tricky, especially if you’re experiencing problems with Airplay. It’ essential to remember that not all models of LG TVs are compatible with Airplay, and those that are may still require the use of an adapter or other accessory. However, connecting your Apple device to an LG TV is easy and straightforward with the right equipment and setup. 

The first step for successfully connecting your Apple device via HDMI is to ensure you have the correct cables and adapters. If your LG TV supports Airplay, you only need an HDMI cable; however, some older models may require a Lightning Digital AV Adapter or similar accessory to connect.

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