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How to fix a cracked laptop screen?

cracked laptop screen

A laptop just doesn’t have its advantages. Because of its mobility, it is also more vulnerable to shocks and accidents, and clumsiness. It is often the screen that suffers, it breaks or partially cracks. Having a screen replaced by a laptop repairer costs several hundred pounds, it’s almost the price of a new laptop! Users then generally prefer to keep their screen cracked at the risk of losing a lot of user comfort and increasing the risks (a crack tends to get bigger). Fortunately, there are alternative solutions to repair a screen at a lower cost.

Buy a new screen on the web

If you are a bit of a handyman, it is possible to buy a new screen for your laptop. They are easily found in specialized web stores like eBay or Amazon for a price of between £50 and £100. It is naturally strongly recommended to buy of the same brand and the same model number printed at the back of the broken screen! Buying a full display panel from a discount manufacturer exposes you to malfunctions over time (dead pixels, display problems …).

To find out the serial number of your panel, the best way is to disassemble it and look at the information written on the back of the screen. A simple Phillips screwdriver will allow you to easily disassemble your screen, by successively removing the screw covers and screws, then the bezel surrounding the screen. If you have been using a touch screen laptop, it’s rather difficult to disassemble the broken screen and replace it with the new one. The touch screen comes with full glass protection at the front instead of the bezel. On the other hand, if you are using a standard non-touch laptop, probably easier to remove and replace it with the new one. You can also use specialized software to identify your screen (if your laptop is still functioning properly), visiting the laptop manufacturer website and look for details of laptop hardware, but this method is not always very reliable. You can ask Geeks Callout to provide assistance if you are unsure how to fix a broken screen.

Replacing your screen: child’s play

The disassembly and reassembly of a screen is quite simple, you just need to be a little careful. It’s different if you are using a MacBook air or MacBook pro. You would need to remove the bottom cover to remove the top screen panel. MacBook repair is easier compared to repairing laptop screen. Remember to remove the battery before any intervention and use a Phillips screwdriver to disassemble the screen and remove the damaged panel. The most delicate point is unplugging the video connector, which is a thin piece of wire. This is a flat socket called a cable, which is located at the bottom of the slab, and which is generally protected by insulating tape. 

Plugging in your new panel is no more complicated than plugging in a peripheral; be sure to put some insulating tape back on the tablecloth to avoid possible short circuits over time. You will find plenty of video tutorials on the internet to accomplish this repair, which shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. In the end, a little elbow grease will allow you to make substantial savings!

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