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How to Find Your Perfect Ring Size: A Buying Guide Online

Rings; those tiny circles of metal that hold so much sentiment and style. Before you can flaunt that perfect lab grown diamond ring, you must conquer the not-so-glamorous task of finding the right size. Whether it’s for yourself or a special someone, getting the size right prevents discomfort and resizing headaches. Because, let’s face it, ill-fitting rings are no fun. Without the correct size, it’s bad news because an ill-fitting ring can be uncomfortable & may lead to potential loss. Additionally, resizing can alter the ring’s design & incur extra costs. It’s like getting a surprise gift that doesn’t quite fit – a small detail that can make a big difference in the joy of the moment.

Just as the significance of the right ring size cannot be overstated, where you make your purchase holds equal weight. In a market where the demand for lab diamond rings is on the rise, deciding where to buy can be challenging. But worry not- Ayaani Diamonds is what you were missing out on! Renowned as a top seller in the lab grown diamond jewellery market for its certified and good quality products. In addition, you get the measure chart for your ring, but still you need to know your ring size.

Therefore, with our research and analysis, we have created this guide for you where you can learn multiple ways to find your perfect ring size and enjoy it without any unwelcome surprises.

Ring Size Matters: How to Ensure Your Ring Fits Flawlessly

Determining the right size is a personalized journey, varying widely between individuals and genders. Typically, women’s standard sizes fall within the range of 5 to 7, being the most commonly sold sizes. Whereas, men’s average sizes range from 8 to 10, with 9 being the popular choice.

These measurements are in mm/millimeters, with size 3 having a band length of 14.1 mm. Each 0.4mm increment indicates a 0.5 size increase. Size 3 starts at 14.1mm, and for every 0.4mm you go up, your size increases by 0.5. So, if you measure 14.5mm, you’re a size 3.5. For 14.9mm, it’s a size 4, and at 16.5mm, you’re a size 6. This simple pattern continues up to 22.6mm. Use this millimeter guide, just like measuring with a ruler, to find your perfect ring size without any hassle.

Get the perfect fit with our millimeter magic- because determining your size should be as simple as sliding on your favorite labs diamond ring.

5 Easy Methods to Determine Your Ring Size Without Visiting a Jeweler

Choosing your ideal ring size is just as exciting as choosing the ring itself. Luckily, in today’s world convenience is the priority, figuring out the perfect fit for your diamond ring doesn’t mean you have to visit a jeweler. Get ready to buy the sparkly lab grown diamond rings with confidence. With our hassle-free techniques guide you can be sure that your ring size will be as perfect as your moment.

  • String Method- Create a DIY sizer by utilizing floss, string, or even paper. Wrap the chosen material around the base of your ring finger & mark the point where it first overlaps using a pen. Straighten out the string or paper & measure the length in mm using a ruler/scale- this represents the circumference of the finger.
  • Old Ring- If you have a ring that fits well on the same finger, use it as a reference. Place it on a ring size chart to find your matching size.
  • Ring Size chart- Use a ring size chart, which is accessible online or at jewellery stores. To find the right size, align an existing ring or your finger with the circles on the chart.
  • Use a strip of paper- Cut a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your finger, making sure it’s not too tight. Measure the length & mark the spot where it overlaps. Again, refer to the size chart for your lab diamond rings, and determine your size.
  • Printable ring sizer- Just print the templates, adhere to the instructions meticulously, and position your existing ring or finger within the designed circles until you discover the ideal fit.


Hence, getting the perfect fit will not only enhance comfort but also ensure that your new ring looks stunning on your finger. With the above guide, finding your perfect ring size online doesn’t have to be a complex task. Whether you are shopping for engagement rings, wedding bands, or statement pieces, getting the right size is key to the overall experience. At Ayaani Diamonds La Grown Diamond Jewellery Brand, they take pride in offering the best diamond rings in India, handcrafted to perfection. Explore their collection, use the above easy sizing guide, and set out on a journey to decorate your fingers with beauty and brightness.

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