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Everybody loves a good deal, in fact, online deal-finding has become a big business in its own right. Racketed behemoths are snapping up sites that curate coupon codes, and even banks like Capital one are getting in on the game. With the huge boost in online shopping during the pandemic, digital coupons surpassed paper ones for the first time in 2020. When slick deals saw a 40 to 60 percent increase in online sales during the height of the pandemic. New customers started generated to new retailers. More than 80 percent say they have actively looked harder for coupons and promotions since the pandemic began. So, it’s no surprise that the online coupon industry is a very crowded one. With nearly 2000 businesses, it’s filled with legitimate businesses and plenty of fly-by-night sites working to rise to the top of your search results without any interest in whether that promo code works. When the deals are legitimate, it can mean big money for retailers, shoppers, and deal sites from honey to slick deals.

In this article, we will discuss, what it takes to find deals that are real, why the business model works, and precisely how saving consumers’ money makes big bucks for companies in the vast world of online deal hunting.

 History of Coupon:

  The first coupon, a word derived from the French word, meaning to cut, was mailed to consumers in 1887. It offered consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola, then priced at five cents if they would come to try it in the nearby pharmacy. in 1989, they created the second coupon for a penny off grape nuts. Cereal coupons became widely used during the Great Depression and the first company started giving coupons, Nielsen Coupon Clearinghouse was founded in 1957.

 Digital Coupons VS. Print Coupons:

 The beauty of print coupons fades away when you have to wait in the long checkout line. In addition to this, for using a print coupon one has to go to the specific store for using that coupon card. Furthermore, the COVID-19 introduction of digital coupons in the shopping industry greatly minimizes the importance of print coupons. If we look at the overall performance of digital coupons, they take a lead as compared to print coupons. On average, digital coupons are 35 percent better at bringing new customers as compared to print coupons. In addition to this, digital coupons are easy to distribute as compared to printed coupons as well as they are more dynamic in attracting people. Millions of digital coupons can be distributed in very little time because digital technology has made it very easy to collect the data of tons of people and contact them through SMS and e-mail. Thus, the distribution of digital coupons can be made easily. Furthermore, digital coupons are convenient for customers too.

 Digital coupons personalize the relationship of retailers with the customers. Therefore, retailers are promoting the use of digital coupons among consumers by giving attractive offers. Furthermore, digital coupons save both time and money both. Because printed coupons become somehow expensive for retailers. According to a study that was analyzed recently, it was revealed that 46 percent of people who redeem digital coupons previously have not purchased anything. When they receive a digital coupon, it encourages them to manifold to purchase something. Therefore, digital coupons tend to attract more customers as compared to print coupons.

 How to Find Working Coupon Code:

 If you are looking for working coupon codes, here are some tested methods for finding true coupon codes:

  • Store’s Coupon Page:

   Sometimes coupons can be found on the retailer’s store page. Although it’s tough to find that page when you find it, coupons will be available under promotions, special offers, or coupon bars on the website.

  • Google Search:

 You can also search coupon codes through the google search method. You can find the most researched and reliable sites for coupon codes like seekthrift etc. You will also come across expired codes, that’s why you should rely on the most trusted websites.

  • Coupon Extensions and Toolbars:

  For the purpose of finding working coupon codes, people often rely on toolbars and extensions. Browser extensions are the most time-saving method of finding working coupon codes.

  In a nutshell, no one wants to leave extra money on the table by not having a coupon code. You can save money by entering a word’s secret combination during checkout. And there are many trusted sites that offer free coupon codes.

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