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How to Find TikTok Influencers for Business in 2022

The ads that don’t look like ads work best. Therefore, today more and more brands and companies use influencer marketing. The task of a marketer is to find live and not cheated blogger profiles. And it is not so easy, especially if you are promoting a narrow niche. Let’s talk about basic methods that will help you find the right TikTok influencer.

#1. Search by GEO

Analyze what places your target audience visits: shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, sports clubs. Find the official accounts of these places and see what videos they’ve been tagged in. The most popular among this content most likely belong to bloggers.

The disadvantage of this method is that users like to put geo-tags on posts that are not related to geolocation. But nevertheless, it is worth using this method.

#2. Use software

One of the earliest databases with an emphasis on TikTokers is InBeat. It has various distinctive characteristics in addition to the usual filters (engagement, followers, location, and language). Also, text matching in usernames, features, searching by keywords, hashtags, mentions, and usernames are all supported by InBeat.

#3. Approach to Telegram channels and chats

Today, Telegram has created many chats, bots and channels in which reviews of advertisements from certain bloggers are published. But there is a downside too: bloggers collaborating with Telegram channels are often overloaded with ads. And this means that the cost of placement will be higher. Be sure to check the accuracy of the reviews and the presence of “cheats”. Often, in order to interest advertisers, unscrupulous bloggers create fake reviews for themselves.

Also in Telegram you can find channels in which bloggers post their proposals for advertising. You can also place your ad there, for example, by downloading a reference video using TikTok video downloader and asking for a price for a similar video.

#4. Engage subscription search

This method works in cases where a narrow niche is moving forward. View a list of blogger subscriptions that promote your topic. As a rule, they follow several fellow bloggers.

Cons: you need to scroll through the subscribers manually. And there may be hundreds, or even thousands of them. Also in the subscriptions will be millionaire bloggers with a wide target audience, which will have to be skipped. This method works with influencers who have 150-300 subscriptions.

#5. Search by related companies

Stealing bloggers from competitors is a bit dirty, but you can work with those who promote related companies. For example, fitness bloggers can advertise sports nutrition, fitness clubs, or sports equipment equally well. Check who advertises subcontractors and cooperate with them too.

#6. Wait for incoming offers from bloggers

Once you work with a blogger, smaller influencers will catch up with you. They watch what companies other bloggers advertise and then write their offer, usually a cheaper one. Among the influencers who write first, there are many who are ready to work on a barter basis. The fact that the blogger writes himself speaks of their interest. Evaluate whether it is interesting for you to cooperate with such profiles, whether the geography of the audience, age, direction and quality of publications are suitable.

Who is the format of working with bloggers suitable for?

If your target audience is young people, there is no better platform where such a large number of them is concentrated.

TikTok is doing great with:

  • Products of wide demand. This category includes any goods that everyone buys in one way or another. For example, food, cosmetics, clothing, and expert services.
  • Bright goods. As in all social networks, it is easy to promote bright and unusual goods on TikTok † gift sets, hand-made stuff, and paintings. Audiences and trending products come in well. 
  • Goods targeted at children and teenagers. In this social network, it is easy to promote toys, gadgets, fashionable clothes and accessories, games, applications and other products that are of interest to young people.
  • Products with a low check. On TikTok, it is easier to promote goods of democratic brands that everyone can afford – students, young mothers, young people looking for their destiny.

Advertising on TikTok for bloggers will definitely come in if you are promoting something interesting, fashionable and youthful, necessary and accessible to everyone. If we talk about specific segments, then information products, stores, mass-market goods, inexpensive brands and cosmetics are best promoted in this social network.

It is more difficult to promote products and services that need a psychologically mature audience. For example, various household trifles, cleaning products, services of lawyers, doctors. Difficulties may also arise with the promotion of local business products. Whatever one may say, this social network has not yet been adapted for clear targeting.


TikTok is a special social network that lives by its own laws and rules. It makes no sense to run template advertising campaigns here. You need to be creative, experiment, test different approaches and analyze the result. And of course, work with bloggers! Good luck searching!

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