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How to Find the Right IT Outsourcing Company

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Outsourcing is one of the best ways to transform your ideas into impactful IT solutions that will help transform your business. Once you elect to outsource IT services, the next step is identifying and selecting the right partner. While outsourcing can be beneficial to your business, choosing the wrong partner can prove costly.

In this post, Saigon Technology Solutions share a simple guide on important things to consider when selecting an outsourcing partner.

1. Having clearly defined objectives and the scope of work 

The first logical step in selecting an outsourcing partner is to clearly define what your outsourcing objectives and the scope of work to be done are. This is the surest way to achieve your desired results.

Simple questions to ask yourself here are:

  • What are your needs? Be specific.
  • What solution best addresses this need?

No one knows your organization and its needs better than you. An outsourcing partner only serves to help you achieve those goals and objectives. Being extra specific with your needs and objectives is the surest way to get the right partner.

2. Your budget matters

Companies outsource to save on costs. However, the budget implications of a project also determine the kind of outsourcing company you can land and the quality of output you can achieve. With more resources to expand, you get more flexibility in choosing a partner from a wider pool of talent.

The rule regarding costs is, dedicate a budget that is sufficient to afford competitively-priced outsourcing services. With a limited budget, it is easier to fall for the allure of cheap IT services, which compromises the quality of your output.

The point to underscore here is you need to set aside a reasonable budget that will afford you quality IT services. Choose a partner within your budget who can provide you and your project sufficient time, attention and support.

3. Consider the expertise 

Given every business is unique, the IT projects are also unique and vary in the required technical requirements. When evaluating possible partners, their technical expertise and the suitability of those competencies to your project should be at the core of the selection process.

Some key aspects to look out for include the skillset, access to the latest tools and technologies, and experience working on projects of a similar scale and domain as yours. The more the technical expertise and experience the outsourcing company has, the better the quality of your project.

4. …and market reputation 

The reputation of an outsourcing company provides a good indication of their professionalism and competencies. You, however, should understand that assessing the competencies of a company takes time. Luckily, there exist platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch, where you can check out the reviews and testimonials of previous clients for the prospective outsourcing partners you have in mind.

Only hire an IT outsourcing vendor after you have done a thorough background check and are convinced they have a decent reputation, thus can be relied upon.

5. Communication is key 

As in any relationship, communication is the pillar that determines the success of an IT outsourcing venture. When selecting a partner, consider modalities that would facilitate smooth and effective communication between all the parties.

Here, considerations such as culture, time zone and communication tools have to be made. You need to interact with your partner and monitor progress continuously frequently. If you are to steer your project to success, effective communication should not be compromised.

6. Development methodologies they use 

The traditional waterfall methodology is not the most effective in today’s complex market dynamics. If you are to survive, you have to accommodate the ever-changing customer requirements and address all their needs. Consequently, the methodology you choose for your project has to provide sufficient space for incorporating customer feedback and continuous iteration of the product.

Agile methodologies offer the ideal environment for collaboration, customer-focused development and quick results. Therefore, when considering IT outsourcing companies to bring on board in your project, prioritize those that follow agile development methodologies.

7. Reliability and flexibility 

The aspect of reliability is tied to the vendor’s experience and reputation in the industry. You can always judge the reliability of an outsourcing company by looking at their industry experience, the company size and the testimonials from its previous clients.

Their resources also can give a hint on their reliability. A vendor that demonstrates experience working with the latest tools and technologies, backed with a profound portfolio promises better delivery.

Flexibility allows you to iterate the design of the project for greater impact. Your vendor of choice must be flexible enough to cater to any emerging project requirements and challenges.


Outsourcing provides businesses and brands with a cost-effective path to addressing their IT needs. However, the success of this venture is premised on your ability to choose an ideal partner who can deliver impactful IT solutions without compromising on quality.

To identify the right partner, you need to take time and analyze your options critically. Invest time in the process, from defining your objectives to the point of agreeing on the modalities of engagement. This is the only sure way to get the best IT services to meet your needs.

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