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How to Find the Right Healthcare Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles

Healthcare app development is a rewarding niche in the app development industry. Such apps are getting popular, and all the more after Covid because of telemedicine, remote diagnosis and prescriptions.

These apps also bridge the gap between the demand and supply of healthcare services. If you are an aspiring appreneur or a startup planning to build a healthcare app, or a high-end medical solution, hiring a team for your project requires special consideration.

This article covers the top 9 tips for finding the right healthcare mobile app developers for the fastest-growing tech hubs of the USA. So, let’s dive in!

  • Agency vs. Freelancers 

While you can easily get a team of freelancers to work on your health app, we recommend something different. You must already know that freelancers charge a decent amount.

Agencies, as well as companies, can be more expensive. Also, freelancers are usually available in the time frame you prefer and are easy to hire from platforms like Upwork and People Per Hour.

However, for a complicated project, especially in the field of healthcare, you need a strong team with at least a project manager, UI and UX designer, backend and frontend developer and testing and QA professional. 

If you go for establishing a team of dedicated freelance professionals for all of these tasks, you may have to incur a higher cost in the long run. Also, your timelines and results may differ from what you had planned. Agencies and companies have full teams of developers and dedicated project managers for tasks. This makes the overall development process easier. 

  • Location 

We recommend all new appreneurs and startups start looking for app developers locally instead of hiring from international companies.

Firstly, hiring from the same location helps you with cultural concerns, no language barriers, and easy communication. Secondly, your team of healthcare mobile app developers will operate during the same business hours as you. So, your project management would be convenient.

Now when talking about locations, we recommend hiring services related to web and app development in LA  because of the fastest-growing talent pool. The niche is getting competitive here. That’s why, even as a startup, you can manage to get a development team within your budget.   

  • Expertise 

Now, if you are hiring healthcare mobile app developers, you need to strictly look at the programming expertise and the technology stack they are equipped with.

If you are up for creating a native Android-only app, you need to check their expertise in Java and Kotlin. For iOS, Swift and Objective-C form the ideal tech stack.

If you want an app for both platforms, check for expertise in Flutter or React Native. With these, look for experience with databases like MongoDB and MySQL, with environments like Node.js and Python. 

  • Experience with innovative tech 

If you want to build an app that competes with giant healthcare apps like Calm and Headspace, you need an A-team. Only a solid figure for experience is not enough.

You have to make sure your team or the healthcare development company has actually worked with modern frameworks. See if they have created apps with integrations of blockchain, AR and VR, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

For a more advanced healthcare solution that works with hospitals, consider checking the tech stack that can accommodate electronic health records and IoT-enabled smart systems. 

  • HIPAA Compliance 

This is another important factor to consider when hiring healthcare app developers. Laws in different states of the UK, USA, Canada and Australia require appreneurs to acquire HIPAA compliance certificates.

This is necessary for healthcare apps, including physical fitness and wellness apps, diagnosis and patient management apps and mental health apps.  

  • Portfolio 

A portfolio is a showcase of a company’s previous projects. Studying portfolio is important because only looking at the number of years as experience is not enough.

You need to check the quality of work they have completed practically and delivered to their clients. When it comes to the portfolio, you need to check the user experience and user interface of the app.

Look at the branding elements, loading time and speed, navigation and other performance-related factors. 

The easiest way to do this is to go to your developer’s official website. Companies usually have a dedicated section of portfolios on their websites. Take the list of 4 to 6 free apps from the section, especially checking if they belong to the same domain, i.e., healthcare. 

You can also check their social standing. Social proof includes testimonials from Google Business listings, reviews on the website and social media handles, LinkedIn endorsements and Clutch ratings. Assessing these reviews altogether can give you a 360* review of the quality of the services of the app development company.

  • Payment structures 

One more important factor you need to consider when making a hiring decision is the payment structures. Price is surely a detrimental factor for many startups, but you can’t compromise the quality of development.

In such a case, flexibility in payment can make all the difference. Because of the growing competition in app development in Los Angeles, a typical healthcare development company will allow you flexible payment structures.

Companies usually provide either of the three payment arrangements: fixed-price projects, down payments with installments or a subscription model. 

Wrapping Up

For any technical venture, there are two factors that affect its success. First is the idea, and second is its right execution. While most healthcare app development ideas do skyrocket because of the huge gap in the field, it all comes to the team.

Hiring an alpha team that aligns with your vision is important to manage your project within time and budget.

So, when hiring, make a smart, informed decision striking the right balance between technical skills, portfolio, experience, price, and quality of services. 

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