Fintech Investors

How to Find The Right Fintech Investors For Your Startup

Fintech Investors

The entrepreneurial spirit is at one of its highest levels. The push to find alternative ways to supplement income in the past few years has led to an increased number of startups. One particular sector has seen a boom like none other: fintech.

Fueled by finding ever novel means of financial handling for consumers and an increased adoption of digitization by the public, the fintech startups are known for finding the right institutions with deep pockets.

But where you may read up on fintech investors’ news every day, there are many other startups that find it difficult to find backers.

If you are struggling with the same issue, here are some of the top alternatives, but sure shot methods of finding fintech investors for your startup.

Crowdfunding Is The Way

Crowdfunding platforms are extremely popular for all kinds of startups, including fintech ones. Acting as middlemen, these platforms help small investors who don’t have access to institutional grade backing level to invest in promising startups.

These crowdfunding platforms help these small investors pool their money towards a startup they prefer. In exchange, the platform will do a due diligence of your startup, including its financial and market projections.

Of course, this will cost a bit as the crowdfunding platform will take a cut of the invested amount as payment for services provided. But this is the most popular method to find investors without going to banks or other financial institutions.

Have a look at our list of to 10 equity crowdfunding platform if this is what you want for your startup.

Fintech Events Can Be Your Friend

Nothing beats having a good network of people with similar interests. Having a two-way communication line with the top industry leaders and moving in the same circles can help you find people who just might find your startup interesting – even to invest in.

Exhibitions, conferences and events, therefore, can be a goldmine for startups. A small online search can reveal a very long list of fintech events this year.

If you are looking for UK fintech investors or even USA fintech investors, you can find the best events of this year here.

While there are no Canadian events in our must attend list, you can still find fintech investors in Canada who would be more than willing to fund your startup.

Microloans Might Be The Perfect Option

Microloans is another method of funding your startup that you might want to consider. Your fintech startup may need considerable funding to get it where you want it and a bit out of the microlender’s scope. But that doesn’t mean you should rule out a microloan.

Consider creating phases of your project, MVP or service that you want to launch. Use a good pitch deck to show to a microlending firm that their little investment will help you get off the ground at least.

Just be sure to have a good understanding of the terms and conditions if you land a deal with a microlender. They usually have a higher interest rate and a shorter loan time. However, unlike other investors, they are not interested in equity. That might be a good thing if you want to be in control of your fledgling startup.


Also called accelerators, incubators are financial backers, but they do more than just give you money. While they do fund startups including fintech ones, they also provide technical, networking and other support that your startup may find a bit difficult to achieve alone.

Things like corporate mentoring, management consulting and marketing are some of the most used tools. If you lack experience in these areas, you might have a good startup idea, but will struggle to run as an organization and compete in the market. This is where incubators and accelerators shine.

Social Media

Finding funding at the development stage can also be found through social media. A powerful place for marketing, social media is full of investors and other people looking for the next golden goose.

In the world of digital assets, especially in the fintech industry, offering a presale or pre seed funding round, marketed heavily through Twitter, Instagram, Discord and other media platforms is known to attract the right crowd when needed.

While social media may not help you find institutional level investments, it can be a good tool to attract small investors, especially individuals, towards any of your equity crowdfunding activities. Think of this as a funnel towards it.

Should I Start Finding Alternative Investors Right Away?

Before embarking on this journey, consider your objectives and goals, aligned with what kind of investors and backers you are looking for.

Balance the pros and cons of each method. Seek out which are the best for your fintech startup. Once done, you will be making a much better and informed decision for your startup.

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