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How To Find The Right Employees For Your Company

Right Employees For Your Company

The internet has made it easier for people to make money. It is easier than ever to apply for jobs by clicking the ‘easy apply’ button, which will send their CV over to your business. But, due to the ease of applying, candidates are applying for jobs that do not suit them or really inspire them. Thus, companies are spending hours going through the CVs of people who do not really fit or want the job. Thus, how exactly do you narrow your employee search and hire the right people?

Use this guide to discover the best ways to find the right candidates to fill your employee positions at work. 

Utilize headhunters

Headhunters exist in almost every industry. Their job is to find the best talent to fulfill a role. Thus, you won’t have to spend your time looking as they will do it for you. Instead of asking people to apply for the role, a headhunter will go out into the industry to scout the best people. 

For instance, if you run a packaging and print company, a headhunter can help you find people that are motivated, hard-working, and suitable for your proposed role. 

Packaging headhunters will help your business find the best talent to join your team. No longer will you need to waste your time trawling through potential candidates to find that none fit. Instead, headhunters will help identify the best people in the industry and promote them to you.

Target potential employees on social media

Although most companies wouldn’t think to use social media to find candidates for their role, it is a highly effective tool as you can find out about the person’s true personality and interests. You will want the candidate to suit the role, have the right experience, and have attained the right qualifications for the job. However, knowing more about their hobbies, passions, and interests will help you understand them as a person and identify their personality traits. 

Someone’s hobby might show that they are a keen worker and good researcher. For instance, you might run a news outlet whereby you are looking for a candidate to write engaging articles. Through using Facebook or LinkedIn, you might discover that they are regular sharers of news articles and love staying up to date with the trends. This hobby suits the role so by targeting and reaching out to them based on their social media profiles, you can then discover if their CV suits your role as well as their personality. 

Reaching out on social media should be more formal than a comment or message. Simply asking them if they are looking for work and sharing a bit of information about the role is the best first step. From there, you can send email addresses or phone numbers so that you can have formal contact to discuss the position. 

Ask your current employees to share the job opportunity with the right people

Your current employees might have connections to people that would suit your companies job opportunity. If so, get your current employees to spread the word with those people. 

Although their friends and family might already have a job, they might be looking to expand their network and attain a better opportunity. By getting your current employees to spread the word, you can hire trustworthy people. 

If you find someone that suits the role based on an employee’s recommendation, then the employee probably knows quite a bit about them. Thus, you can ask them more about their personality and get to know them before the interview to get off on a good start.

Go to networking events

Networking events typically involve people from similar career paths. Thus, it is a great place to find someone to suit your new job opportunity. 

Attending networking events as a boss means that you can scout the right people. It is best to talk to as many people as possible to get a feel for who would best suit your role. Then, towards the end of the event, you can reignite conversation and let them know about the role, and give them your contact details. Should they be interested, they will likely contact you to follow up a discussion.

Never rely on experience

Although it is important and useful for a new employee to have experience, it doesn’t always mean that they will be the best person for the role. They might have ten years of experience, but they might like the enthusiasm and hard-working personality traits that you are looking for. 

Thus, if you are stuck between someone who is lazy but has tonnes of experience and someone who is hard-working but needs teaching, then you should always go with someone who is keen and willing to learn. In time, they will attain the necessary experience from you and you will end up with a hard-working and efficient candidate who will do more for your business. 

Add a careers page to your website

There might be people out there who specifically dream of working for your company. Thus, to find the right role for them, they might head to your website to find the latest opportunities. If you lack a careers page, then they might struggle to find open positions. 

Although using listing websites can be useful, it can often result in candidates applying for the role who isn’t overly keen. A careers page will attract the right people, those who are dreaming of working for you.

Refine your job description 

A loosely written job description could throw a candidate off and assume that they will fit your role. If you don’t write that you want someone who can sometimes work on Saturdays, then the candidate won’t know that. Thus, you need to write every bit of detail to ensure that the candidate knows whether or not they are right for the role. 

Refining your job description will attract the right people and ensure that you don’t waste people’s time, as well as your own. 

Host a career day

If you cannot find the right networking events to suit your company, then why not host your own event and make a career day?

A career day will allow inspiring candidates to come and chat with you about the future of your company and potential job opportunities. The beauty of hosting your own career day is that you can set up workshops and discussions that will help you identify people’s skills and personalities. 

You could make team-building events and see who works best in a team. Likewise, you could ask people to present information about them and what they can bring to your company, which you wouldn’t be able to do at someone else’s business event.

Ask candidates how they will benefit your business

The best way to discover how a candidate will work and suit your opportunity is by asking them. During the interview stage, it is the perfect opportunity to find out how they will benefit your business. 

Pre-interview, you should take your time looking over the candidate’s CV and cover letter to pinpoint what you want them to expand on. You should write up a list of questions that you want to ask them so that you can know everything you want to know before deciding whether or not to hire them. 

What a candidate writes on their CV, you are more than welcome to ask them to expand on. After all, they wouldn’t write it on their CV if they didn’t want you to ask or know. 

Decide if you want full-time or freelance

The world of freelancing has taken off in recent years. More and more people are setting up their own businesses with strong portfolios and due to that, there is more access to freelancers. 

Before you offer your job to people or put it online, you will need to consider whether you need someone full-time in the office or remotely and a few days a week. If you want someone full-time and in the office, then a full-time position will be right for you. You can work with them every day and get them to work on a set role and routine. 

However, if you desire someone to help out every so often and don’t mind them working remotely, so long as they get the work done, then a freelancer might be best suited to your role. They can work for you when you need work doing and you will likely save money, as you won’t need to pay them for a full-time position. Freelancer salaries and budgets vary, so you can find one to suit your budget. 

Before sharing your job opportunity online and interviewing potential candidates, ensure to use these tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t waste their time and your time. Simply refining your description to be more specific, using headhunters, and asking the right questions can help you find a more perfect employee for the role at your company. 

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