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How To Find The Right Crypto Job For You

How To Find The Right Crypto Job For You

Learn about different industry sectors, job opportunities, and desired qualifications to find the right crypto job for you. This will help you land your next role.

Career opportunities in the crypto space are increasing due to the popularity of cryptocurrency and related technologies. To find the right crypto job for your skills and goals, it’s important to understand the available job opportunities, industries that use crypto, and the skills in demand. While dozens of crypto job boards exist, is a great place to start. 

What Types Of Jobs Exist In The Crypto Space?

Crypto jobs focus on cryptocurrency technology. These jobs may involve working directly with cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. People in crypto jobs often have strong technical skills, such as programming, data analysis, engineering, and cryptography.

The number of crypto jobs has increased beyond the traditional technology sector. There are crypto jobs in business development, marketing, content creation, project management, and more. Companies that create cryptocurrencies or utilize their technology need people for these supporting roles to scale or streamline their operations.

As a content creator for a crypto-based company, you write articles that engage potential customers and convince them why your organization can help them meet crypto-related goals. In the advertising industry, your role may involve creating advertisements targeted toward specific customer personas to increase traffic to the organization’s web page.

The Industries Advertising Crypto Jobs

Crypto offers job opportunities that combine interests, experiences, and knowledge from various industries with crypto technology. For instance, if you have a background in hospitality and travel, you can use your crypto knowledge to assist a travel company in integrating blockchain-based transactions into their customer interfaces.

Crypto jobs are primarily found in the cryptocurrency industry. However, as crypto technology evolves, it is being applied in various industries. Here are the top sectors where you can find existing crypto jobs.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Entertainment
  • Financial services
  • Gaming
  • Health care
  • Information Technology
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Supply chain

Once you know which sector you’re interested in, start looking for positions that align with your skills, knowledge, and interests. This will help you identify any skills you need to work on and give you direction for your next steps.

The Most Popular Technical Jobs 

Crypto jobs often involve technical positions such as software developers, engineers, and data analysts. These roles require expertise in programming languages and a deep understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrency, or data analysis. If you have a passion for computer science and data analysis, you might find these jobs appealing. All the salaries listed under the job positions below are based on the average salary listed on the job review site Glassdoor as of 2022.

  • Blockchain architect – $103,314
  • Data scientis – $102,971
  • Blockchain engineer – $99,930
  • Full stack developer – $99,150
  • Blockchain developer – $90,151
  • Cryptocurrency trader – $67,516
  • Data center technician – $47,895 

The Most Non-Technical Jobs 

There are non-technical positions in the crypto industry that don’t require extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. These jobs can be found as full-time positions with crypto companies or as freelance and consulting opportunities. Here are some examples of non-technical roles in crypto and their US annual base salary.

  • Legal counsel – $142,641
  • Business development manager – $79,948
  • Financial analyst – $67,601
  • Technical writer – $63,580
  • Account executive – $60,110
  • Events manager – $57,208
  • Accountant – $55,260
  • Social media manager – $48,530

The First Steps To Finding Your First Crypto Job

If you’re unsure about your desired job or still exploring options, taking highly rated courses and certifications can assist you in exploring career paths and strengthening your crypto job portfolio. Coursera offers a variety of courses and certifications that allow you to customize your education to acquire the necessary skills. For instance, courses such as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton University provide a foundational understanding, while certifications like IBM Cybersecurity Analyst by IBM help develop job-specific skills.

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