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How to find the best POS System For Retail 

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In the last couple of years, there has been a paradigm shift in the retail world from retailers to the final consumer. With the development of a wide range of tools capable of tracking the needs of customers, rating, and other vital information, it is only wise that a retailer equips himself with the right tool if he’s to remain in business. One of the best ways a retailer can show that he is adapting is to integrate or make use of the best POS systems for retail

While there are a bunch of these tools available in the market, it is wise that a retailer pays close attention before picking any. Some of the features retailers should be on the lookout for when choosing any of these systems include; 

  • Employee reporting as well as the management of employees 
  • Processing of transactions as well as the acceptance of various payments 
  • Detailing customer profile and data in an arranged and easy to read manner 
  • Efficient management of inventory 
  • Tracking and running other forms of analytics to ensure that the business does not run loss 

A few of the best POS systems for retail you can choose from include;

1) Vend Systems 

This has been identified as a perfect solution for small and medium scale businesses that are starting. While it is said to be developed for small and medium businesses, it affords already existing large businesses an opportunity to tailor it to meet their every need. It offers all of the many features that are mentioned above. 

One of the core benefits of this system is that retailers can choose from a wide range of features. For example, they can choose from event tracking to efficient inventory management. For small businesses with less capital, they can make use of the normal plan while very large retailers can opt for the advanced Vend Pro plan that offers them a number of advanced features.

2) Lightspeed Retail 

Although launched in 2013, this POS system for retail has managed to surpass its peers. This system stands out from the others developed and launched before 2013 with its advanced features. Some of these features include; efficient inventory management and supervision, multiple store functionality, tracking, and analytics. In addition to these features, the developers of this system have over the years integrated amazing apps into the system. One of the recent integrations is the “On Spot Transaction” which affords your retail store the opportunity to accept payment on your sales floor. 

Another exciting feature of this system is that it affords retailers the opportunity to get to know their customers on a deeper level. Its CRM feature lets retailers group their customers according to their purchase history and interests.

3) Square POS 

This is simply an open-source POS retail system designed for small business owners. One of the many features of this system is its ability to completely simplify your business process. This happens to be one essential need of every business. 

Another great feature of this system is its ability to combine the efficient management of an online store and a brick and mortar store. It is a lightweight system that also lets you as a retailer group or categorizes your customers based on their interest and purchase history. 

These a few of the POS retail systems available, if you’re looking to get a proper review of these amazing systems click here. This site has a list of the top 10 advanced POS systems any retailer would love to own at the moment. You can pick your favorite POS system for retail here

All retailers face the challenge of keeping track of all the micro and mini transactions that happen dozens of times every single day. Thankfully in 2020, you don’t have to do everything yourself as that will only wear you down and take away valuable time from other important aspects of your business. Having a Retail POS System will not only free you up, it will save you a lot of money and make your business a highly efficient operation. 

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