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How to Find Someone’s Email Address on Facebook Hidden

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. More than 4 billion accounts have been created and it’s not uncommon for people to have thousands of friends on the platform. Since its inception, Facebook has grown into a platform that’s useful for making friends, dating, networking, and even joining unique groups or clubs.

That said, it’s not always easy to find someone on Facebook, and you might not be able to find much contact information about someone on Facebook without the right tools. Unfortunately, this becomes even more true when the user’s email address is hidden. The good news is that we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about how to find someone’s email address on Facebook, even if it’s hidden.

Can You Find Someone’s Email on Facebook?

Yes, you can find someone’s email on Facebook. The platform allows users to connect their email accounts to create their profiles. For this reason,  some Facebook accounts have email addresses attached to them. Therefore, you can enter their email address into the search bar to see if their account shows up in the results.

If you already know the person’s Facebook account you can try to look on their profile for their email address. It will usually be located in their personal information section. You’ll usually have more luck if the person is using Facebook as a networking platform.

It’s also possible for people to hide their email from the public on Facebook. While it’s hidden on Facebook it can still be found with third-party, so don’t panic if you don’t see it on their profile.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address on Facebook

Finding someone’s email address on Facebook can be done in a handful of ways. However, some methods are better than others, and if you use the wrong tools or limit your search to Facebook you might end up wasting your time. Learn about our favorite methods for finding emails on Facebook below. And yes, each method will work for hidden emails as well.

1. Check Their Account

Someone’s email address may appear to be hidden on Facebook but that doesn’t always mean it is. Once you’re friends with them you might be able to find more information about them on their profile. Typically, their email will be in their About section and you can find it listed there. While it won’t be on their page, or it may not be available until you connect you can find it in their About section then.

2. Ask for Their Email

When you’re using Facebook for business Facebook can help you ask them for their email. When someone’s email account is hidden you can connect with them and navigate to their contact information section. When their email is set to private, there will be a space for you to select Ask for Email. In these cases, Facebook will reach out on your behalf to try and help you get their email address. Sometimes this option may be hidden, and in these cases, you’re better off asking for their email via direct message.

3. People Search

The best way to find someone’s email on Facebook is with a people search tool. These are tools that allow you to comb through millions of public records databases to find anything that’s public record. While many of these tools are out there, the best free people finder is FreePeopleSearch. It’s connected to databases across the United States and it has one of the simplest user interfaces to use; no more bouncing around different databases with horrible search engines.

What’s more, the tool is free to use and you can learn more than just someone’s email. For example, you can also find contact information like someone’s phone number or address.

Find Someone’s Email on Facebook Today!

It’s not hard to find someone’s email on Facebook when you know how to start your search. While you can try entering someone’s email into the search bar, this won’t always work, especially if their email account is hidden. Thankfully, you can leverage any of the methods we covered in this article to find someone’s email address on Facebook. We always recommend starting with a free people search tool for the fastest, most accurate, and best overall results.

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