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How To Find Pregnancy Massage Therapists In San Antonio

Massages during pregnancy are becoming relatively common despite fears around the prospect. Massages at spas usually have the massage recipient lying on their belly, and pregnant mama bears just cannot do that. It is unsafe for the child in the belly. But as long as you find Massage Therapists in San Antonio worth their salt, you will know you can trust them to treat you right. So, we’re here to talk about all things pregnancy massages and how you can find a good massage therapist and Spas for Pregnant Mothers.

Being Pregnant & Massages

Pregnancy is a wonderful time when you get to cherish the growth of a child inside of you that will someday grow up to be a wonderful human. While this is an amazing experience, there’s no denying how difficult the entire process is going to be. Your body will be changing by the day, and the pains and aches will only increase. The back due to carrying a child in your uterus is inevitable, and with the weight gain, your feet are going to be on fire. A massage at this time is going to be soothing and comforting. It can provide relief for backache as well as foot pains.

What should you keep an eye out for?

You must ensure the spa is trustworthy by checking if they follow the protocols of how to massage pregnant women.

Massage Positions

Pregnancy does not only come with a cute baby, changing body, and an influx of various hormones; it also comes with plenty of restrictions on how you can lie down. This is what makes it absolutely risky to lie down and get a massage the traditional way. Especially when you’re in your second and third trimesters, where does the belly go? Many spas today create massage beds with a hole where the belly goes. This effect of gravity on the belly is highly risky and can hinder the baby’s growth or deprive them of oxygen and should be avoided at all costs.

Another variation uses cushions to support the belly as you lie on your belly for the massage. While this might offer some level of support for your pregnant belly, there’s no saying if it is actually safe at all. If it was secure, we would now have plenty of beds made in a similar design for pregnant mamas, no? Since we don’t, it’s safe to assume that if a spa offers a massage like this, it is not a spa you can trust.

What Oils Do They Use?

When you’re pregnant, you should also be careful about the oil that you’re using on your body.

Spas that still sell essential oils as a thing should be avoided. While not all essential oils are bad, most of them are concentrated and need to be diluted with a neutral oil to make it safe for the skin. You should consult your doctor about this before going to Spas for Pregnant Mothers. Your doctor will be able to guide you better about what oils are safe and what you should avoid.

Also, consult your doctor about getting a massage and how to make it safer.

A Trained and Qualified Massage Therapist

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to guarantee your safety during a massage is to opt for trained and qualified Massage Therapists in San Antonio. While a generally trained masseuse is more than enough to soothe aching muscles, more is needed for a pregnant woman. This is because giving a massage to a pregnant woman is about her safety as well as a good massage.

How To Find a Spa for Pregnant Women

As long as you work with a dedicated spa with trained Massage Therapists in San Antonio, you will not have to worry about the child in the womb. So here are a few ways through which you can find good massage therapists.

The Internet

You can search for ‘Spas for Pregnant Mothers Near Me’ on the internet and take a look at the list of massage therapists operating in your area. You can also find reviews and the therapist’s reputation easily this way. If they have a website, or even on their GMB, you can look up comments, reviews, ratings and more that will tell you everything you need to know about their service.


You can ask women who are or have been pregnant and have had massages from among your family and friends and choose a therapist that they’ve worked with. This method is a lot more reliable as you can simply draw from their experience and make a safe choice.

Ask A Professional

You can ask your OB/GYN if they know anyone and can recommend a trusted massage therapist. You can also ask your midwife or doula if you’re working with one for their recommendations. They will be able to help you more than you think.


As you prepare for your first pregnancy massage, you should know that a pregnancy massage is not the same as a traditional one. To begin with, you will be lying on your sides for most of the massage and even sitting up for some of it. The massage is much gentler with careful movements in order to not hurt you or your unborn child.

Your massage when pregnant is as safe as your massage therapist is skilled. Speak to your doctor beforehand to determine if it is safe. They will also be able to let you know what precautions you should take. So, book an appointment at Mama Bear Massages Spa right now and get ready to relax like never before!

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