This article is one that is written to give insights to those who unfortunately have lost their Apple wrist watches and are finding it difficult to track it especially if these watches already have a flat battery. Put together in this piece is all there is to know about tracking, discovering and recovering your lost Apple Watch. Some out of the many tips given can also be applied when using other devices from Apple. Apple lovers would find this article very helpful.

 No doubt, the search for a misplaced Apple device can be very stressful, but if you desire to really find it and fix it, then you should take out time to read through and study carefully all the given  steps that will be given to you in details below, but firstly, before you get to know these steps, there are some important things users of apple watches, yourself inclusive, need to know. 


The Important Information Apple Watch Users Needs To Know

– To locate your apple watch, you need to use your map. To use your map, you have to switch on your connectivity; either through cellular connection or using an available Wi-Fi in a given environment. 

In the situation where the apple watch was just missing, but not dead. It can easily be located if the location of the Apple Watch is turned on and the “Find My” is enabled. 

But in the case pertaining to the topic at hand, users who wants to locate a dead  Apple watch would have activate the Lost Mode on the “Find My” app.


How To Discover A Lost Apple Watch Using The Find My App

You have to learn and understand the way this ‘Find My’ app operates. Use the following steps below to know how to use it:

–Go to your web browser and type in ‘ or use the other option which is to go to the Find My app on your device. 


– Find My will help the user locate devices that are connected to your Apple ID. 

– From the ‘Find My’ App, select ‘Apple Devices.’

– Click on your Apple Watch 

For a dead Apple Watch, ‘Find My’ will only report the last location known and recorded before the watch got switched off. Users will only be able to see this for a short period of time. 

– Available is a short window with which you can get a view of your Apple Watch. Once this is done, it will show the user the location of the paired device to the Apple Watch.

How To Use The Lost Mode

If the user tried using the ‘Find My’ app and it fails. The user can try to use the Lost Mode to find the dead Apple Watch. 

One can activate the Lost Mode from either an iPad or iPhone through the web browser at or via ‘Find My’.

Please note that, your data is protected once your device is in Lost Mode. This means that, if for example, someone out there finds your lost watch and gets it turned on, the person would be prohibited from pairing the device with another iPhone in the absence of your code. Also, you should know that if someone finds your watch, there will be a display of your contact information on the screen.

How A User Can Activate Lost Mode To Find A Dead Apple Watch

The steps below are the ways a user can use to activate lost mode:

–Open the ‘Find My’ App or type and click on the user’s browser

– The user must ensure that the person signs into the Apple ID that’s associated with the user’s Apple Watch. 


– At the bottom of the screen, the user would see, ‘devices’. Click on it. This will show the user all the devices that’s connected to the user’s 

iCloud account. 

– The user should select the Apple Watch. When there’s an internet connection either through the cellular connection or Wi-Fi, the location will appear, but in the absence of internet connection, it will appear blank. 

–There are several options available. The user should swipe up to view them. These options include: Notifications, Directions, Mark as Lost. 

–Under Mark as Lost, user should click on the ‘activate’ option. By doing so, this will automatically lock the device and put it on Lost Mode.  The user can read further about more info on the Lost Mode there. 

– Now, the user should scroll downward and select ‘Continue’. Then put in the user’s phone number on the next screen. Then click on the ‘Next’ option, once the phone number have been  typed. 

– The user is free to type in a message. This message would be seen on the Apple Watch’s screen. Whoever gets to find the watch can read the messages sent by the user. 

–After this, click on the ‘Next’ option. Then click on ‘Activate’. The user will be required to verify the person’s details. The user can decide to activate the ‘Notify When Found’, the user would get a notification message when the watch gets switched on.

In conclusion, losing an apple device is not an easy challenge for anyone and the process to regain the lost device might take a while, as a user of an Apple product, such as an Apple Watch. One would have to be extremely careful with the settings, codes and every connectivity to the iCloud. Always endeavor to do all that was listed above as curative measures taken, just maybe, you get to lose your device. This will help your search for your device a little easier for you than some other user who didn’t take any of these measures and put it in place for safe and easy recovery. 

Hopefully, the above tips given would help a user whose device is currently misplaced as well as help others whose device isn’t missing, but would want to know exactly what to do, if, unfortunately it gets missing. Kindly share this article with those who are Apple devices owners.

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