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How to Establish Positive Sender Credibility for Optimal Campaign Results

You may have run a campaign where you sent interested leads tailored emails with excellent content and catchy subject lines. Unfortunately, you didn’t receive the expected responses.  Poor reputation lowers a sender’s deliverability rates. You can build positive credibility through email warmup.

This strategy involves progressively sending more messages from a fresh email account. An abrupt increase in emails raises red flags, setting off spam filters. Besides, mailbox providers rate your reputation based on your engagement metrics. They may check your messages that recipients opened, replied to, or moved from junk folders to inboxes. 

Strategies for Enhancing Sender Reputation                                 

Email providers may place your messages in junk folders or inboxes based on your credibility rating. They rate your reputation by assessing the frequency of your emails and adherence to recommended practices. Crafting relevant messages and satisfying the specified requirements can lessen spam complaints, enhancing your reputation. Here are ideas for increasing credibility scores. 

Select a Reliable Email Provider

A reputable mailbox service ensures that emails get into inboxes without being obstructed by spam filters. Your cold outreach will have high deliverability rates. However, ensure email providers do not block your account before you launch a campaign to avoid having your messages returned. Your sender rating decreases as the bounce rate increases.

Enhance Email Engagement

Recipients will likely open, read, and act on messages relevant to them. Their interactions with previous emails influence the folders where mailbox providers place subsequent messages. Email warmup will increase your credibility and engagement level. However, sending many emails that recipients ignore or tag as spam may hurt your reputation.

Spam filters also perceive sending tons of emails daily as bad practice. You can prove your account’s legitimacy by progressively sending additional relevant messages. To get them past spam filters, ensure the content is mainly text and include complete links to legitimate domains.

Install Authentication Protocols

You can raise your sender rating with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records to confirm the authenticity of your domain. These protocols ensure service providers do not return or direct messages to junk folders. Consequently, domain authentication boosts email deliverability.

Lessen Spam Complaints

When recipients tag messages as spam, it indicates they don’t care about them. This action sends negative signs to service providers, making them divert the emails to junk folders. Personalizing your messages and emphasizing the value or solution that will benefit each recipient will lessen spam complaints, boosting your credibility. Send only two follow-up emails that are at least six days apart.

Keep Proper Mail List Hygiene

Your credibility rating will drop if you email inactive subscribers with lower engagement levels or inappropriate addresses because they increase bounce rates. However, if you routinely delete invalid contacts and disengage inactive subscribers from the mailing list, it will rise. Additionally, dual opt-in guarantees that you have contacts interested in communicating with you.

Sharing your IP with another sender with questionable emailing practices hurts your credibility. Using an IP address alone helps you avoid such problems. Besides, a list-unsubscribe feature offers subscribers easy opt-out and prevents more spam complaints. A strong sender reputation enables you to attain high deliverability rates, which are the foundation of any successful email campaign.

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