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How to establish a business worth million – A financial Advisor’s guide

Andrew Saltman is one of the highest-rated realtors in Florida, currently working for 369 Financial LLC, which is a fee-only investment advisory firm. They use a combination of software and Life Cycle Investing, developed by Yale professors, which creates a customized investment strategy for their clients.

Andrew is the Owner, Investor, Mortgage Consultant, Coach, Budget Specialist,

 Real Estate Consultant, Wealth Specialist, and Motivator at 369 Financial. He started his career as a broker in 2010-2011. Before being a broker, Andrew was a pro tennis player and a traveler after his graduation, but when around 2010, he was looking to buy his first home, his skill in real estate and finance was pointed out by his wife. Andrew’s broker was really helpful, and he impressed Andrew with his service. Andrew could not get his loan approved from the bank even when he had a good income and credit score, but his mortgage broker got the work done in just three weeks. This inspired Andrew, and he decided to transition his career from a professional tennis player to a realtor.

Andrew has been working in the industry for seven years and has gained success over time. He has gained a lot of knowledge about the real estate business, and he is pretty popular among his clients for good advice either when they are looking for loans, when they are trying to sell their house, or dealing with a real estate agent. Andrew has around 136 articles posted on the 369 Financial website to read. Andrew wants his clients to be successful and financially independent.

How to establish a million-dollar business? Andrew has some advice on this topic too. There is no specific type of business that can help you make a million dollars, but if you have the skill of an entrepreneur, you can make millions of dollars running any business. As mentioned in an interview with Andrew, some advice that he would like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow up with all of their leads, invest in technology, and always keep a check on their return on investment. These pieces of advice are precious. Investing in technology is always important because technology keeps improving, so it is crucial to invest in up-to-date technology to remain competitive in the market. Furthermore, keep a check on return on investment because if the return on investment is not good, it might take you a long while to make profits, and you need to improve your methods.

Several skills are needed to be a successful entrepreneur. According to Andrew, the most important skills to have includes the ability to sniff out the real deals so that you don’t waste your time on deals that do not benefit you enough. The entrepreneur needs to analyze the deals before accepting them carefully. The second skill to have is never to give up; when being an entrepreneur, there might be days when you will feel like you should give up on your business idea because it isn’t working even though you have been working for months. But giving up is not an option, you need to believe in your ideas and work even harder during such times. The third skill Andrew thinks is the most important is making at least multiple 10X of your investment. For example, if you invest 1000, you have to make 10,000. For this, you need to work hard, carefully analyze and make decisions that will gain you the most profit. You need to be efficient and not waste any time or money.

During the interview, Andrew was also asked what the best way to achieve long-term success was, to which he answered, ‘expansion through people and always doing better each year is.’ This is essential advice for business owners to follow. Customers are the most important to the business, and you will never be successful if your customers are not satisfied with the product or service of your business. Loyal customers are the greatest assets the company can own because they help expand your business to potential customers. Moreover, it would be best if you were better each year than you were last year. Comparing the current year’s business performance to last year’s performance is very necessary to compare the growth of the business and the effects of the decisions taken during this year. It also helps decide whether to continue with the same working methods (if they are effective) or not.

Another essential part of the business is its workers. Andrew says in his interview that he carefully tracks all new workers in his company to make sure they are a good fit, but if they are not, he has to let them go. The entrepreneur alone can never run an entire business, you need to have a workforce, and a motivated workforce can help you gain success and million of dollars. Suppose your workers are not happy or motivated. In that case, they will not be efficient, and they will make mistakes and perform unsatisfactory work, which will result in unsatisfied customers. It can also damage the reputation of the business.

When asked by Andrew if he saw any pattern or formula to become successful, he answered, ‘to be persistent and keep making calls.’ There is no way or specific business of being successful or making million dollars. The only key to success is being persistent, hardworking, and never giving up. Your customers and workers will only love the brand if you do and enjoy your products or services. You can do the best work when you want the work you do. If you feel it is a burden on your shoulders, it will be impossible for you to be persistent.

Andrew Saltman has numerous pieces of advice to help you establish a million-dollar business if it is what you love to do. If not, then no formula can help you reach the top. Setting up a business will lead you to enjoy many advantages compared to working as an employee at another company. The greatest one is the freedom to work on your ideas and do things the way you think they will make a mark. Secondly, all the profits made in return for the risk taken will be enjoyed solely by you and your family.

To all the aspiring entrepreneurs, never give up. If you are hardworking and persistent, you will succeed.

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