How to Ensure Your Car Is Roadworthy

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Most of us step into our cars every day to go to work without even thinking about their condition. But it’s essential to find time to check that your car is safe to drive and meets legal requirements. Below, you can review our checklist of everything you need to keep in mind regarding your car’s condition and safety.

Licensing and MOT

Licensing and MOT checks usually need to be done once a year. Make a note on your calendar to do these updates on time to avoid fines, safety issues, and possible MOT test failure.

If you have a second-hand vehicle, it is essential to make sure you have the car’s full story. It’s a great idea to do a CarVeto DVLA MOT check for all of the vehicle’s previous history. You’ll then know if the vehicle has been in an accident or may have underlying problems. You’ll also see the car’s service history, which will show if it has received regular maintenance and if any issues have shown up.

Enlist Regular Services

Keeping your car maintained will help it stay in safe working order. Many MOT fails are due to small faults that a professional can easily address. Before you take your car for the MOT test, make sure it received a service check.

Servicing is crucial, as it can also help you pick up small issues before they become larger problems. You will save money in the long run and make sure you’re safe on the road.

Do Your Own Checks

There are several DIY checks you can do between services to make sure your car is in good condition. These include:

Vehicle Body

Look for rust, dents, scrapes, and sharp edges. These blemishes may seem small issues, but rust can expand into more areas over time. Vehicles with a lot of rust and body damage often fail in the MOT test.


Windscreen chips and cracks mean the glass is compromised and could smash. It is best to get it checked and replace it if you notice any damage.


It is easy to check if your brake, reverse, hazard, and headlights are working. Your handbook will also tell you how to replace the globes.

Tires and Wheels

Make sure your tires are at the recommended pressure and that they have plenty of treads. Also, check if the car pulls to one side when driving, which indicates your wheel alignment is out of balance.


You can check the brakes yourself when the car is off. If the pedal goes in too easily or feels spongy, your brake pads likely need replacing.

Steering Wheel

If the wheel feels loose, a bearing could be damaged. It’s best to take the car in immediately if you notice a wobbly steering wheel.


If you have to lift your handbrake high for it to work, it needs readjustment. This is an important issue to attend to if you want your car to still be there when you return after parking it on a hill!

Petrol Inlet

To avoid dangerous leaks, check the seal surrounding the petrol inlet. If it appears damaged, it will need to be repaired.

Windscreen Wipers

Weathered wipers are extremely dangerous in rainy conditions as they impair visibility. Be sure to get your wipers replaced just before the wet season.


Mirrors must not be broken or unclear. Mirrors in poor condition can interrupt your visibility and cause an accident.


Seatbelts could save your life one day, so make sure they are in good condition and that they buckle properly.

Number Plate

Make sure your number plate is securely fitted and visible to law enforcement officers.

Final Thoughts

It is fairly straightforward to keep your car in a roadworthy condition. You simply need to keep updated with servicing and MOT and do regular maintenance checks and adjustments. Your efforts will reward you with a safe vehicle you can use to get to wherever you need to go!

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