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How to Enjoy Florida Beaches During Recovery

Research has proven that time spent in nature can boost your mood. Likewise, time in nature can be a boost to your recovery. Florida has many beaches that are good for people in recovery, including beaches with sober-friendly activities, beaches with mindfulness skills, and secluded beaches. The best way to aid recovery is to envelop yourself in and around nature. Florida is one of the most incredible places to find peace and mindfulness. This blog aims to show what areas fare better for those in recovery and what activities can help those seeking to better themselves.

How the Beach Can Help Aid in Recovery

The beach can be a great place to practice your mindfulness skills. Mindfulness is a principle based on staying in the present moment. Going to the beach is filled with sounds, sights, and smells. Practice mindfulness during your next beach trip. You can practice mindfulness by following these tips at your next beach outing:

  • Pay close attention to the smell of the ocean
  • Feel the water and sand between your toes
  • Close your eyes and feel the sun beaming on your skin
  • Listen intently to the sounds of seagulls and waves crashing to the shore

Practicing mindfulness is a vital step in connecting with nature via the vibes of the beach. Look for quiet or secluded beaches to further help out more. There are plenty of secluded beaches along the Florida coast if you want to avoid the foot traffic and hustle from passersby. Being able to mediate your state of mind will aid in recovery.

Benefits of Recovery in Nature

If you don’t consider yourself an outdoor person, you miss out on something special. Being in nature can be beneficial as you work through a recovery program. Here are some of the advantages of setting aside time to spend in nature:

  • Stress reduction
  • Great opportunity for exercise
  • Sunlight can help you feel better psychologically
  • It gives you an excellent opportunity to refocus

Managing Triggers Through Peaceful Activities

Feeling triggered? Go to the beach. You can put this in your self-care and aftercare planning. Whenever you feel triggered, stressed, or overwhelmed, plan a trip to the beach. Instead of acting on impulse and using, losing your temper, or giving in to stress, plan a day trip and do nothing except take in the sights and sounds of the ocean. There are also tons of activities to help take your mind off of stress. The beach can bring you fun in the following exciting ways:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Bodyboarding
  • Scuba diving
  • Jet Skiing
  • Collecting sea shells
  • Making sand art

These activities help to maintain your peace. While everyone knows how challenging recovery is, it comes at you in waves. One day might be more demanding than the other, so keeping yourself mentally distracted positively is a great way to help. Water activities are not only cool and refreshing but also great for the body as a form of exercise. You can also return to your creative side by searching for unique shells or making sand art. The beach is a great place to learn how to become in tune with yourself. Control over how you relax is taking a step in the right direction.

Life can be a Beach

One of the most important things to one looking for solitude or peace in recovery is picking a spot to do so. In Florida, many hidden gems can aid you in your recovery. The beaches at different times of day may get different foot traffic, but here are some that should be checked out:

Del Ray Beach

Named the “Recovery Capital of America,” People visit Del Ray Beach for more than its white sands and peaceful serenity. There is often a famous saying that there is safety in numbers. Plenty of others visit Del Ray beach to help focus on recovering from addiction. It’s a suitable area for those looking to find peace and indulge in the community. Halfway homes, sober restaurants, clubs, and coffee houses are on every corner. It is a safe place. If the community doesn’t have you sold, Del Ray Beach is a beautiful place to indulge in nature without being viewed as someone with a problem. One of the best things about recovery is owning it and being treated like a person.

Crescent Beach

Suppose you’re looking for one of the less crowded St. Augustine beaches; head further south to Crescent Beach. In the southern area of St. Johns County, Crescent Beach is a wildlife refuge offering a serene, natural setting for beachcombers, including boating, fishing, diving, and RV and camping facilities. Crescent Beach is a great place to find solitude while trying to take in a sunrise or sunset. You can also spend the day practicing mindfulness. Crescent Beach is an excellent spot for positive seclusion.

Gulf Island National Seashore

Gulf Islands National Seashore is located on Okaloosa Island. At first, it may seem not as secluded as you would like, but you will stumble on your own slice of paradise with a bit of walking. Once you’re on the beach, walk to your right as far as you would like to find the calm and serenity you seek. This is a natural beach on the bay side. The water is shallow for several feet from the shore, making it great for swimming and snorkeling. Again, you must brush away some of nature’s love that washes up onto the beach at night. A few steps away from society to find peace you can enjoy is well worth it.

While there are many family-friendly beaches and secluded spots to find your place of peace, most times, it depends on peak traffic hours. You could even go to popular beach spots like Daytona or St. Augustine Beach if you do it during sunrise or sunset hours. Part of finding your peace in nature means whenever and wherever. Heavy emphasis on the wherever part, as something as simple as a lightly traveled inlet could be your piece of paradise. There are plenty of great beach locations, but you can also create the peace you’re looking for at the end of the day. Make sure to

Finding Balance Through Peace

No matter what life brings your way, you can stay sober. Like how the beach can become your place of peace, Serenity Springs uses that same concept of healing addiction but starts at a person’s core. Use the beach to calm yourself and relax. The beach can help you with mindfulness and self-care. At Serenity Springs, believing in the balance between mind, spirit, and body while actively seeking positive reinforcement can lead you toward a better tomorrow. There is no time like the present, to begin taking advantage of life in recovery.

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