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How to Engage Sports Fans in the Modern Age with Kim Ekin of RugbyPass

How to Engage Sports Fans in the Modern Age with Kim Ekin of RugbyPass

In today’s fast-paced digital era, sports enthusiasts crave instant access to the latest updates, comprehensive match coverage, and seamless streaming services. They yearn for exclusive articles, real-time news, and in-depth analysis. For avid rugby fans, there’s one website that has risen to the top as the ultimate destination: RugbyPass.

Established in 2016, RugbyPass has successfully cultivated a thriving global community of like-minded fans. But how did the site capture such a loyal readership, and how does it continue to grow and flourish? As the Head of Content Strategy at RugbyPass, I will take you behind the scenes to explore our journey and the secrets of our success. Here’s the story of how RugbyPass cemented its reputation as the definitive authority in rugby.

The Origins of RugbyPass

Rooted in Singapore, RugbyPass was born out of a passion project aimed at filling a void in the rugby market. Originally conceived as a streaming site, the founders shifted gears due to exorbitant licensing costs. They astutely observed that fans were highly engaged with the site’s editorial content, prompting them to create a dedicated platform for accessing the latest rugby news.

In the early days, our content strategy revolved primarily around southern hemisphere rugby, with a strong emphasis on Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Coverage spanned the Tri Nations (The Rugby Championship) and Super Rugby, capturing the hearts of fans.

As our popularity soared, we expanded our coverage to encompass the northern hemisphere as well. Today, RugbyPass boasts dedicated hubs for each of rugby’s major international tournaments.

Building Authority in the Industry

Although we started as a fledgling player in the rugby world, we have evolved into a credible and authoritative sports news site. We have earned a reputation for breaking exclusive stories and take pride in the trust we have garnered from players. Many of rugby’s biggest names contribute to our site, and their involvement has been instrumental in our success.


From the outset, our goal has been to create a platform that truly resonates with rugby fans. Whether through our written interviews or our podcast, RugbyPass Offload, we provide readers with valuable insights and analysis from actual players. It is this level of expertise that has firmly established us as the go-to source for all things rugby.


Successful Content Strategies

With a team of passionate and knowledgeable writers, we have achieved success across various content formats. However, two areas stand out as our consistent strengths: short-form breaking news and evergreen long-form content. These pillars form the backbone of our traffic and remain integral to our content strategies.

With our global team, we maintain a constant finger on the pulse, delivering breaking stories that keep fans informed. This is complemented by our long-form content, which offers a deeper understanding of the sport and connects our readers to the game on a profound level.

Adaptability is also crucial, and our strategies always incorporate room for flexibility. For instance, when social media algorithms shifted, resulting in reduced traffic from Facebook, we swiftly pivoted to double down on organic traffic acquisition. This approach allowed us to attract new users through our SEO and content strategies.

Fostering a Global Community

In addition to our content strategies, building a vibrant RugbyPass community lies at the heart of our vision. Our platform actively encourages interaction and engagement, providing spaces for fans to voice their opinions and connect with one another. This includes comment sections and interactive polls that foster debates and cultivate a genuine sense of community.

Our commitment to community goes beyond the realm of written content. We offer readers access to the latest standings, the ability to plan their weekends around upcoming fixtures, and a vast array of video content.

Marketing Trends and the Future of RugbyPass

The world of digital marketing is evolving at an exhilarating pace, and we at RugbyPass are excited about the AI advancements in Google search and the potential impact on our organic traffic. However, we also recognize the concerns surrounding AI-generated content and its potential implications for the future of content writing.

Irrespective of the evolution of AI, our focus remains steadfast on collaborating with rugby professionals. From players and award-winning journalists to commentators and analysts, it is our experts who have played a pivotal role in shaping our website, establishing our authority, and fostering an engaged community.

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital media, RugbyPass remains committed to delivering high-quality, exclusive content, leveraging the expertise of rugby insiders, and cultivating a global community that lives and breathes the sport. Our journey is an ongoing one, and we are excited to embrace the future with enthusiasm and dedication.

Kim Ekin

Head of Content Strategy

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