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How to End a Toxic Relationship?

Ending a toxic relationship can be very hard and may take some time. But it will help you to make your life more happy and worth it. Some people have a special place in your life. But sometimes those people may cause you more mental and physical damage than a stranger. People often figure it out very late when ending the relationship becomes more difficult. If you are having a hard time lately then work on yourself. Read the symptoms that are showing that you are in a toxic relationship. Usually, people have toxic relationships with her/his partner. The people start wondering why does my wife yell at me. The person needs to figure out things to make the relationship better or leave it. 

Unmarried couples can have toxic relationships that can lead to breakups. But a toxic relationship is not limited to married or unmarried couples. A person can have a toxic relationship with any family member, friend, business partner, classmate, relative, co-worker, etc. If you are feeling that your relationship is causing you mental or physical harm then end it. It will need lots of courage but it will help you happily live your life. If the relationship is leading to any kind of abuse or domestic violence then you should contact your local emergency or National domestic violence number. 

Common symptoms of a toxic relationship 

Constant unhappiness

Many times, it takes a long time to figure out a toxic relationship. The person whom you love a lot, starts making you uneasy. If you always feel sad, or anxious then you need help. This constant feeling of sadness is one of the biggest red flags in your relationship. These problems can later lead to big issues like depression or anxiety.

Your partner doesn’t allow you to talk to others

Having some amount of possessiveness or jealousy is common. People may have issues when their partners talk to other people especially when the other person is more beautiful or richer than them. Having jealousy with certain people can be manageable. But if your partner does not allow you to talk to any other person then this is a red flag for sure. Relationships become stronger when both partners have friends with whom they can have a fun time. Being alone with no one to talk to other than the toxic partner can be very stressful. 

Your partner often checks on you

Couples, usually unmarried, often send texts or calls all day. Sending cute texts and having good talks make your relationship strong. But having regular checks on you like where you are, whom you are talking to, etc is a sign of toxic relationships. Sometimes the toxic partner also asks to send the location or send pictures to prove where you are and with whom. If he often keeps tabs on you that means is very controlling or does not trust you. 

Your partner criticizes you publicly

Having arguments is common in a relationship. Any mistake can lead to angriness or even a fight. People can have arguments in their personal space. But if your partner criticizes you publicly, it is the biggest sign of a toxic relationship. This shows that your partner does not have any respect for you. If your partner criticizes or calls you dumb, stupid, or ugly publically, you need to end the relationship. 

Your family/friends don’t like your partner

A person who is in a relationship might not find any flaws in his/her partner. But the people around you are not blind. Your family members and good friends are always by your side. You should ask them what they think about your partner. Pay attention to how they talk or treat your partner. 

Leaving a toxic relationship is hard

Ending any relationship is difficult. But toxic relationships can be harder as you are emotionally attached to that person. You have spent your time, money and life to build the relationship. Most people have hope that the relationship might work or the partner might change. Remember, mistakes can happen and can be fixed. But abuse is a different thing. You need to know that the person is not right for you. Leaving him/her is the best thing to do. 

Ending a toxic relationship, especially after marriage is more difficult. Both families are engaged and the “Divorced” status seems more atrocious. Couples with kids face more problems in ending the relationship. You have to prepare yourself for many things. Many people might say a lot of things but remember this all is temporary. After a while, people will forget about your relationship. End the toxic relationship even if it takes a lot. Time and good people around you will heal the wounds and make your life better.

Steps to end a toxic relationship

Read the symptoms

The first step to ending the relationship is to step out of denial. Try to read out signs of a toxic relationship. The issues are just in front of you. You are the only person who needs to admit it. If you are not happy around that person or feel stressed, burned out, anxious or depressed, you are in a toxic relationship. 

Build a support system

Ending a relationship whether healthy or toxic is always very difficult. You will feel sad, lovesick, and depressed. Ending a toxic relationship may be more difficult if you are not financially stable. You need a support system that can help you after ending the relationship. 

Cut off contact

Ask him/her that you are ending the relationship and cut off all contact. Keeping any kind of open door is worthless. That person might blackmail you emotionally. Block him/her from everywhere. Unfollow and block that person on social media. Also, stop talking to his/her friends and family. Only communicate when you have kids. 

Learn a mantra that you deserve better

Some people become habitual of mental or physical abuse and often forget about living peacefully. Remember everyone deserves love in life. Have some self-esteem and confidence. Keep in your mind that you deserve a better person who can make your life happy and worth it. 

Seek a therapist

Many people can’t handle breakups or divorces alone. You should seek some good help to deal with the problems. Talk to a therapist and find ways to manage your problems. The therapist will guide you to create new goals and techniques to achieve them.

Stick with your decision

This is the main step in ending a toxic relationship. You may feel more lonely after leaving that person. Sometimes you may want him/her back in your life. But no, you have worked a lot to end the relationship. Don’t forget those efforts and courage. Stick with your decision and try to move on.


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