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How to Effectively Use AP Biology Practice Tests for Exam Preparation

AP Biology practice is required when you, as a student want to excel in the examination before getting into college with a good grade. AP biology study materials can indeed help to support your quest, but there is nothing as effective as practice exams.

The questions for the AP biology test would be set by the College Board, as the examination would be based on the College grade curriculum. This is the reason why this examination is not always allowed for sophomores until they get to the junior or high school grades.

The way of effectively using AP Biology practice tests for exam preparations

If you think that AP Biology practice tests are hard enough, you must not have checked out the college examination questions. Those, who can score about 3 or over 3, can excel in college tests. However, preparing and appearing for the AP biology practice exam will help you get ready for the college tests.

The examination format for the AP Biology exam will be as follows –

  • Section I – 60 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Section II – 6 free-response questions to be answered in 1 hour and 30 minutes

In your preparation, you can seek help from online support like AP Biology animation, which will help you get an audiovisual aspect of what you are about to answer.

In this preparation process, you need to prepare for short questions and long questions as free-response questions to answer. The section would consist of 6 free-response questions. There will be 2 long questions and 4 short questions. The long questions are worth 8 to 10 points each, while the short questions are worth 4 points each.

The short questions will assess the understanding of –

  • Scientific investigation
  • Conceptual analysis
  • Analysis of a model or representation
  • Data analysis

On the other hand, the long questions will ask students about –

  • Interpretation and evaluation of experimental results
  • Interpretation and evaluation of experimental results with graphs and diagrams

For this part, you can try to draw diagrams during bio practice to be able to do them in the right manner.

AP Biology Study Strategy

The simpler ways to prepare for AP biology tests are following the study guides and examination questions repetitively to achieve the required marks or points. However, if you want to set up a new strategy, you can try the following apart from studying with the AP biology study guide

  • Take small tests on study materials
  • Attend tests on every chapter if possible
  • Try a test review book and follow it to prepare you for the small tests
  • Check which parts are getting on your nerves
  • Figure out the weaker points
  • Analyze your mistakes
  • Study the weaker points and take tests on them

You can also set a study plan with the questions from college biology practice tests. It will be easier for you if the study time is segregated so that you can cover the entire curriculum. If you are planning to get 1 AP point, try studying for 10 hours with all the materials you have. If you want a more intense program, you can exceed the time limit to 20 hours to achieve 2 AP points.

AP Biology practice tests will help analyze your mistakes

You need to follow a study plan that you can try to prepare yourself while analyzing your mistakes.

Follow the crucial AP biology exam questions and match them with available college biology practice test questions. Based on these sets of questions, you can prepare your answers. It will also help you analyze the previous mistakes that could trouble you.

Afterward, you need to decide whether you would set a plan for 10 hours or exceed it to 20 hours to be ready for the practice tests.

If you are ready to get along with a 10-hour schedule for preparation, your preparation schedule or time breakdown would be –

  • Try the test for 1.5 hours
  • Relevant content areas and revise for 2 hours
  • Take the score and try another test within 4 hours
  • Analyze mistakes for 1.5 hours
  • Final session by studying again for 1 hour

The more you will appear in the personalized tests with AP biology exam questions, the more it will be easier for you to achieve success.

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