How to Earn on Cryptocurrency: Based on the Real Example of a Trading Platform

How to Use Cryptocurrencies

Paraphrasing the well-known expression, cryptocurrency is the gold of the 21st century. That’s totally true because, in 2023, it’s difficult to find any other assets that would spark the interest of so many enthusiasts. Neither shares of the biggest corporations, nor most valuable commodities that fluctuate due to global events can have the same hype as virtual coins that one cannot even touch!

The interest in digital money is growing mainly because of the impressive revenue this market can generate even from the smallest investments. Besides, the number of ways you can crypto earn online is growing all the time. From this quick guide, you will learn how to earn digital coins on the example of a real trading platform and its revenue-generating opportunities. Let’s meet the three most common ways to earn on crypto.

Online trading

The most common and frequently chosen way is to open an account and get involved in online trading activities offered by numerous crypto sites and mobile apps. Such platforms, also known as cryptocurrency exchanges, are special software solutions that provide exposure to the cryptocurrency market. Using their systems and trading terminals, one can place orders and either speculate on the crypto price fluctuations or buy coins at low prices and sell them once prices go higher due to market volatility.

There are different online trading methods and strategies that suit both experienced and beginning crypto enthusiasts. For example, you might consider arbitrage trading offered by While ordinary trading enables speculation on the price difference in a pair of two assets, arbitrage trading with UGM Crypto involves the possibility to add earn on three and more products within both the native ecosystem and the Binance decentralized network.

UGM Crypto is just one example of how one can earn through online trading. Although there are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, we consider the example of UGM Crypto quite valuable for beginners as it comes with different features that make one’s trading experience much more seamless. The crypto algorithm bot, which enables automated execution of limit orders with a plus commission of up to 0.01%, is just one of the examples.

Coin staking

Crypto staking is a popular way to earn passive income in the cryptocurrency world. Staking involves holding a specific amount of cryptocurrency in a digital wallet and participating in the consensus mechanism of a blockchain network. By doing so, stakers are rewarded with new tokens as an incentive for supporting the network. The rewards can be substantial, especially for those who hold a significant amount of cryptocurrency.

To start staking, you need to choose a cryptocurrency that allows staking and set up a digital wallet that supports it. Then, you need to deposit the required amount of cryptocurrency into the wallet and keep it there. The staking process may differ depending on the cryptocurrency and blockchain network you choose, so it’s essential to research the specific requirements before starting.

And again, let’s see how it works by considering the example of UGM Crypto. The platform has its native token called UGM. Traders can gain it and lock it in the system. Coin staking rewards are dependent on the number of UGM coins held by a user and their rank in the staking system. The greater the rank, the higher the earnings. Rewards also differ depending on the duration for which a stakeholder locks their UGM tokens, with 30 and 360 days as the minimum and maximum periods. This blockchain offers a maximum staking reward of 78%, which can be earned by staking for 360 days.

Airdrops and referral programs

Crypto airdrops are free tokens or coins that are distributed to crypto wallets as part of a promotional campaign. Airdrops can be a great way to earn cryptocurrency without investing any money, but they often require you to complete tasks such as joining social media groups or referring friends to the project.

Another way to earn crypto through promotion is through a referral program. UGM Crypto, for instance, offers a program where those who invite new users to the platform get paid the portion of the mandatory commission paid by invited people.

These are the three most common ways to earn cryptocurrency with a real example of how each way works on the crypto trading platform. We hope this guide will help you achieve new heights in the world of digital coins!

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