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How to Earn Money on Maternity Leave? Is It Even Possible?

Maternity leave is a precious time to welcome a new family member and preparing for your new role as a parent. However, it is very common to face the financial problem during this period.

Doesn’t matter if you’re on paid or unpaid maternity leave, the pressure to have an income might be an unwanted pressure to all the things. But what if you could earn a stable income without giving up precious time with your newborn?

This post will look at some creative methods to earn money while on maternity leave, including both online and offline methods to suit a mixture of interests and skill sets.

1. Convert Your Passion Into Money

When you are on maternity leave, you can convert your hobbies or passions into valuable side hustles, such as knitting cute baby outfits or painting wonderful images. You can also sell your masterpieces in some of the famous sites such as Etsy or Shopify.

Use social media to market your items and find some potential buyers. Consider collaborating with local stores or go to craft fairs to enhance your reach and enhance sales. It might be hard to believe but some people are trying Irish lottery resultsto get some extra amount money.

2. Think Of Something That You Are Already Good At

Consider the talent you learned while working at 9 to 5 and see if any of them is possible from home. When you think about it, you’ll be wondered by how much talent you truly have. Many businesses and start-ups look for casual home workers with specific skill sets, so do a fast Google search or pick up a local newspaper to see what’s possible.

3. Sell Your Clothing Online

Since pregnancy comes with weight gain you have outgrown your old clothes. But, before you start throwing clothes from your wardrobe, think about selling them online.

Poshmark and Depop are effective platforms for finding new customers for your clothes while also earning extra money. All you have to do is click photos of your clothes, fix a price, and watch the sales roll in! Just make sure you don’t sell something you still love from the core of your heart.

4. Consider Freelance Writing 

If you are god gifted with words, freelance writing might be your thing to earn money. Show your writing skills to online companies, content marketing companies, and businesses that require high-quality content.

Create a portfolio of your best writing work to showcase your writing capabilities and skills and attract potential clients. To speed up your marketability, keep up with industry trends and keep your niche in categories like technology, lifestyle, or finance. You can even try your luck in the set for life game to earn extra bucks while on maternity leave.

5. Make Extra Money by Conducting Online Surveys and Market Research

Companies continuously look for consumer feedback to enhance their product development and marketing tactics. You can sign up for some real online survey sites such as Survey Junkie or Swagbucks to earn cash or gift cards for sharing your thoughts.

Consider connecting with market research companies such as UserTesting or Respondent, which allow you to participate in paid studies or testing of websites and apps.

6. Start Selling in Your Community

If you are going to be a mother look around at your neighbour there must be other pregnant ladies on maternity leaves or ladies who have small children. You can sell these women their needs. Children’s books, toys, cookware, and toiletries are all excellent examples that you can go with.

7. Do Evening Work

When your day is spent regularly feeding and changing the diapers or chasing a toddler, the thought of trying to get any work done during day time is impossible. However, while your kid is in bed, you can look for a variety of professions, including freelance work (People per Hour and Upwork are fantastic options) and even think of making your own babysitting service.

Cleaning of baby clothes, gathering of toys, and other goods you no longer need also make amazing products to sell on sites like eBay, Facebook, or Gumtree. In real cases, the money might quickly pile up.

8. Try Affiliate Marketing

If that you’re passionate about a particular product or service, affiliate marketing allows you to promote it while earning a commission money on each transaction made via your reference link.

Find affiliate programs that are related to your specifications and join apps such as Amazon Associates, ShareASale, or CJ Affiliate. Create interesting material about your products, including affiliate links. Build trust with your clients by giving honest reviews and valuable information, which will increase conversions as well as earnings.

9. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

If you like animals, try pet sitting or dog walking services in your neighbourhood. Market your services locally with the help of fliers, bulletin boards, or internet platforms like as Rover or Wag.

Build trust with pet owners by offering dependable and caring care for their beloved pets. Think of getting a pet first aid certificate or joining the professional pet-sitting course to enhance your credentials and gather more clients.

10. Social Media Manager

Social media has been growing continuously in the last few years. People are earning a lot of money through social media and hence managing their accounts is a very good option. Explain your social media strategy, content development, and audience management skills. Create a portfolio of successful campaigns and engagement data for customers. Keep up with industry trends and upcoming platforms to give the best solutions for your clients.

11. Start an Etsy Shop

Do you have any hobbies that you normally ignore since your full-time job keeps you so busy? Now that you are at home, it is the ideal time to explore it.

Whether you made handmade presents or customize things, you may make a good earning selling them on Etsy. The beautiful thing about this job is that you get to choose how many things you want to make during your time off. And you do not have a boss!


You have just given birth to a new human being, thus you have earned the right to rest for a time. If you have to rely on family and husband to fund your expenses for some time, it is totally normal and fine. Have some time to spend quality time with your newborn. You’ll never get this stage of your life back, so enjoy it!                                                                           

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