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How To Earn From Video And Animation Business Online.

Motion graphics can be seen in almost anything from television to movies, commercials and more. After all motion design is used especially to bring to life graphic elements through movies and animations. With the exponential growth of the Internet, watching videos on the Internet are becoming prevalent. As a result, the majority of Internet users go to video sharing website to watch videos of their favorite program or shared video by other users. According to the study, 48% of Internet users have been to video sharing sites like YouTube. More than one billion users visit Youtube website monthly. In the US, about 77 percent of the total Internet audience view online video with the average of 273 minutes watched.

Types of Video & Animation Business You Can Do

Whiteboard & Explainer Videos

Lyric & Music Videos

Editing & Post Production

Intros & Animated Logos

Animated Characters & Modeling

Spokespersons & Testimonials

Video Greetings

Promotional & Brand Videos


Online video has become an important part of marketing, especially at a time when the use of mobile devices is very common. Nevertheless, small businesses often consider video and animation for marketing to be a difficult and expensive task. Tools in this list can help you create online video affordably.

  1. GoAnimate – Allows you create professional-looking animated videos in minutes. If you assign dialog to a character, it will lip sync automatically.
  2. Powtoon – This tool utilizes drag and drop function to create videos from library images, shapes, props and animated characters.
  3. VideoScribe – This contains a large selection of graphics in its library that you can use and this tool also animates anything placed on its canvas automatically.
  4. Evaer – This allows people using PC to be able to record Skype video and audio calls using picture-in-picture, separate files, side-by-side, audio-only, local-webcam-only, and remote-webcam-only modes.
  5. Others are Movie maker, VSDC Free Video Editor, Adobe premiere element 13, Animoto, Whatfix, and so on.

Skills For Video and Animation Making

If you are a beginner or an advanced in video and animation designing, there are various sets of skills that you need to become an expert. Here are the much needed skills

creative thinking and artistic curiosity – Ability to pick a simple idea and turn it into a piece of a complex and attractive design.

Technical expertise and knowledge – There are many software program that is handy in video and animation making. To excel in this industry, it must be mastered. You should be able to cope when given a new project technical skills such as 2D and 3D design skills should not be a barrier,

Typography is widely used in the films, and often the driving force of the film;

Understanding color theory – All films and animation utilizes color. As a motion designer, it is required of you to have a good understanding of color theory and know the colors that convey different moods and feelings to the audience.

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How to start video and animation business online

  • Start by identifying the type of work you are interested in and know what kind of service you want to offer. If you are interested in the business of making short films for example, make sure you understand the basics of animation production.
  • Build your team wisely – You May not also have all the skills to complete a particular project. You will need expertise of others in other area therefore start choosing your team as you are starting.
  • Create an Identity – Your brand name may be just your name on the door. But the good name would not make people forget you and would be easier to recommend you for others.
  • Creating a Business Plan – A business plan will help you define what you think you need to start your business.

Ways to make money from video and animation online

The popularity of online video is not only good for those who appreciate a good comedy or love to be informed. Video offers opportunities to make money for those who love to create. Here’s how you can make money from their videos online:

  1. Earn from ads placed in your videos on Youtube for example.
  2. Earn by number of views your video Gets. Numbers of video sharing sites reward video creators such as Metacafe, dacast , LiveRail
  3. Get paid for downloads of your videos. You can make money selling your videos via downloading to own.

Make money by producing videos for others. There are a number of individuals and companies that pay people to produce video and animations for advertising and promotions. Selling Video on demand. If you are an established video and animation content producer or independent movie maker, there is good money in selling your movies.

Looking at doing your video business in a big way, our website has many useful information on how Fintech is helping Entrepreneurs start and run successful online businesses. You can raise funds to grow your business through crowdfunding and other financial services.

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