How to Earn 156% ROI a Month from Crypto Trading

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By statistics, the chances of an average trader succeeding at crypto trading is about 10%. The online space is full of sad testimonies of people who made a few pennies from a crypto trade, only to lose double the value in a new position.

As much as 107,634 traders lost over $527 million in the crypto futures trading alone as bitcoin went above $22,000 in 24 hours, according to data from Coinglass. The risk of failure in crypto trading is well pronounced.

Thankfully there is an intelligent way around this problem: a decentralized trading application, MyFunding.Network has proposed a solution. Let’s hear them out.


What is MyFunding.Network?

MyFunding.Network is an open-source smart contract built on the BNB Chain (BSC). It is an AI-powered trading bot that makes crypto investments based on statistical facts and market chart analysis rather than conjectures.

This BSC dApp guarantees enthusiasts a risk-free crypto trading experience, with profits up to 156% in 30 days. It uses sound technical analysis and strategies to enter trades with the highest potential yield.


What Does MyFunding.Network Have to Offer?

  1. Network delivers a stable 1.5% daily return on investment (ROI) to users who invest their BNB to the platform. That percentage on a $1,000 investment is $15, which may appear small. But remember, it is a daily consistent thing. In the span of 30 days, you would have magnified your initial capital to $1,563.
  2.  Network rewards investors up to 11.5% when they invite others to benefit from the platform via a 5-tie referral program. Once you have an active investment, the system generates a unique referral address for you.The direct referral, level 1, can earn you up to 5% rewards. The rewards for the second, third, fourth, and fifth  levels will be 3%, 2%, 1%, and 0.5%, respectively.
  3. The trading bot works round the clock seven days a week to invest user funds in the most profitable trade. The platform also allows investors to withdraw their earnings daily as it matures.


Is MyFunding.Network a Credible Platform?

Between June 1, 2022, and today, MyFunding.Network has amassed 495 BNB, equivalent to over $130,000 from 285 investors and counting. Through the same period, the platform has processed $75,301 of withdrawals.


How Do You Get Started?

  1. Download and activate a noncustodial crypto wallet compatible with BNB Chain (BSC) like TrustWallet or MetaMask.
  2. Log on to network. Once on the website, connect your wallet with BNB coins to the platform by clicking ‘Connect.’ After entering your desired amount of BNB, click ‘Deposit’ to transfer the tokens to the pool. The transferred BNB will appear on their respective dashboard.


What Other Noteworthy Feature Has it?

  • No minimum deposit: MyFunding.Network accepts the lowest amount of BNB transferable on the network. Additionally, there is no one-time deposit rule. You can top up your investments anytime you want.
  • No Hidden Fees: Users only pay 3% dev fees for app maintenance and the standard cheap gas fee for the BNB network.
  • Online Customer Service 24/7: The MyFunding.Network team is available on Telegram all day to serve all the customers.
  • Multiple Wallets: It supports multiple crypto wallet profiling.


Final Thoughts

MyFunding.Network provides ample benefits to new traders with its AI trading bots and incentives for introducing others to the platform. The alternative is to invest hours learning technical analysis and mastering trading tools to predict coin price movement—with little hope of success.


Contact Information

Join their Telegram group at for real-time updates.

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