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How to Download Videos from Pinterest

To Download videos from Pinterest (MP4 videos, Images, Stories, and GIF) , you need to simply Sign in to your Pinterest account > Open your favorite video > Copy the Link > Paste it on the pins downloader tool link field > Your video will start downloading. 

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the perfect place to find inspiration for your next great idea. With millions of users uploading great content daily, it’s easy and free! You can also follow other people who share similar interests as you or start a board dedicated to just about anything that strikes up an interest in yourself- whether creative like artistry; or entrepreneurial with starting businesses on this platform– there are endless possibilities when utilizing Pinterest. 

Pinterest is a social media platform that’s become very popular in recent years. It’s an excellent resource for visual learners; with its simple design and ease of use – anyone can easily find what they’re looking to learn! Does the site offer great benefits like being able to look up recipes, or how about organizing your entire home decor? You’ll be surprised by just how much time this saves you when going through these tasks again later down the line. 

Not only this, it is a visual gallery where you can discover inspiring ideas related to several essential categories. It’s an online community that isn’t about self-promotion but instead shared interests and discovery! Pinterest is the perfect place to find all sorts of visual content on your favorite topic. But there’s more than meets the eye here – this site has been creeping into everything from shopping habits and home decorating ideas, which means you’re probably using it without realizing its full potential! 

This free social media app allows you to explore your creativity, find inspiration in other’s work—and even make connections that lead to business opportunities! No matter what you’re interested in or where on Pinterest, there will always be a video worth watching for it. 

You could spend hours just browsing through different categories and finding great content to enjoy! But sometimes we need more than text-based listings; these days, people want visuals as well so that they can get an idea of how something looks before making their decision about whether its right for them – which means downloading videos is essential if one wants access without having any problems with bandwidth limitations.

If saving local files isn’t really possible due to either technical difficulties OR legal restrictions, then don’t worry! You can do it by using the downloader tool. 

How to Download Videos from Pinterest Using Any Device?

Pinterest has become a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge for everyone. But suppose you’re trying to download videos from the site. In that case, it can be tricky depending on your device – especially since different browser extensions allow people to watch Pinterest content without reloading every few minutes! 

Follow these simple steps to download pins:


  1. Sign in to your Pinterest account and explore your feed for pins worth downloading
  2. Select the pin that you would like to save to your local drive.
  3. Copy the link


  1. Go to 
  2. Paste the copied link in the download field

  1. Click the download button


That’s all for now! I hope you find this post useful and now you’ll be able to download your favorite videos without having any issues. 

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