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How to download from facebook : tools for content strategists 

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If you regularly update Facebook, you should have noticed that this social network lists a huge amount of videos. At the same time, if you try to download any of these videos, it will be impossible to do so in the social networking site or application. Unlike TikTok, Facebook doesn’t allow users to collect content. But the Gaming libraries, Watch, and just personal user accounts and Facebook groups contain videos that can be useful for reuse. How can you reuse Facebook clips?

You should know that Facebook downloader is a unique tool that allows you to get any Facebook video from public access in original quality to your device. This means that you can then reuse this video to reach a wider audience on other social networks. For example, share on Instagram, create from this video a Reel, post an excerpt on Twitter. That is, one Facebook video can become a source for content for various social networks. It is worth introducing these tools into your content strategy, let’s find out how. 

How Facebook tools for instant downloads work

If you urgently need to get a video of the social network Facebook, open or find the episode that interests you. And since the application interface is often updated, the menu item for copying links periodically disappears or appears elsewhere. 

1) Now in order to copy a link to a Facebook post you need to click on the share button and find the option in the menu Copy link. You can also copy the link to the post from the Facebook web version – through your mobile phone or browser. To do this, you will need to copy the address from the browser line. 

2) Go to the website called the downloader. For example, Bigbangram is one of the top websites that helps people who generate content. In order to take advantage of this, you will need only one link from FB, you will not need to register or pay for content downloads. 

Conveniently for content aggregation, you don’t need to additionally install any application on your mobile phone and this site is accessible from any device if you have Internet access.

3) Paste the link and click on the search button. In a few seconds, the necessary video file with a magic Download button will appear on the screen of your device. After downloading, this video will show up in the memory of your browser – that is, in the downloads folder. Next, you will need to save it to your device through the browser. 

So, via downloaders, you can constantly fill the content library and have access to videos offline in case they are deleted from the social network.

Now there is a lot of content, so content recycling is gaining relevance. A whole account can be dedicated to reused visuals from this network or another. For example, I have an account on Instagram that posts Reels previously downloaded from TikTok. 

You can select a few Facebook groups, TV series from the Watch library to research win-win clips for your audience. This way of generating content will allow you to create posts based on visuals that other users already like. While you can add uniqueness with editing apps, for example, make a meme or a creative caption under this post.

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