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How to Download Facebook Reels Online

Facebook just added a new feature called Reels. In fact, this feature was available before on Instagram allowing users to create and share short videos from 30-60 seconds with music, with similar effects to other platforms like TikTok, and Youtube Short. Although not too popular, Facebook Reels is still a place to gather many different interesting videos/reels and become a favorite feature of many audiences.

With the ways to download Facebook Reels online to your phone and personal computer suggested by our site, you can freely download all your favorite videos/reels from the most popular social network today.
Therefore, how to download Reels from Facebook to phones and computers is also of interest to many Facebookers, especially when Facebook has never integrated the feature of downloading other people’s Reels to their devices on its application.
So, How to Download Facebook Reels Online? 2 Easy Recommendations 
To download Facebook Reels to your computer or phone, you just need to do a few simple steps. That is
Method 1: Download Reels of others on the Facebook platform
To download funny or useful Reels from any other account on Facebook, follow these steps: 

  •  Go to Reels on Facebook and find the movie you want to download. Here, click on the 3-dot icon. On phones, this icon is located in the lower right corner; you will see three dots at the top on computers. Next, select copy link.

  • Visit a video download site. Many websites support this feature. For example, fbreels. You paste the link you copied above into the empty box and then click Download => wait a bit and then select Download Video in HD Quality. Thus, with only two steps and less than 1 minute of progress, the footage you want is already in your phone’s Gallery or computer’s folder.

Quick Note: With iPhone/iPad, after selecting Download Video in HD Quality, click Download Linked File, then go to the File application on your device => Download, select Reels just downloaded, and then press the icon. Share => Save Video so that Reels are in the Photos section on the player.

Method 2: Download Reels from yourself on Facebook to your device

Compared to how to download Reels on someone else’s Facebook, downloading your own Reels to your phone is much easier. Because you will not need 3rd party tools to support, just do the following: 

  • On the interface of the Facebook application, click on the 3 dashes icon in the right corner to enter the Menu section. Here, you choose Reels.
  • Next, you select My Reels (My Reels) below your profile picture => and select the video you want to download. 
  • Finally, you also click on the 3-dot icon => Download the movie (Download Reel) is done. The video you need is already in your phone’s Library.

How download Facebook Reels online to your smartphone and computer is not difficult for anyone. If you want to know more similar cool tricks? Don’t forget to visit our website and get the latest technology updates. Thanks for reading.

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