How to Distribute NFTs Through Different Channels?


NFTs are no longer a complicated subject that very few people know about. Today more people than ever are keen on buying NFTs. Major sporting tournaments, celebrities, singers, and a lot of other people have dropped their own NFT collections. However, the problem of distributing NFTs through different channels remains. Today we will discuss the distribution of NFTYs through different channels, and also marketing your NFTs the correct way. NFTs are a good way of building customer loyalty and also profiting off existing loyalty. Let’s find out more without further ado.

Promote your NFTs on various platforms

The more people you let people know about your NFT drop, the more reach you will have. In turn, your chances of selling maximum NFTs would be much higher. There’s a low-effort and high-returns method of doing it – social media marketing. No other platform can match the reach of social media, at least not in 2022. Once you start promoting your NFT collection on different platforms, selling them would be much easier. Your goal is to reach as many people through social media as possible. Setting that target first is very important to take care of other aspects.

Weave a story

NFTs have their core use case in games and as digital collectibles. As such, it can be difficult to provide something compelling enough for people to spend their money on. When you have a story around your NFTs, it would be easier to build customer loyalty. People will be engaged with the storyline and would want to collect significant parts from it. Weaving a story for your NFT collection should not be difficult as long as you have a creative mind. If you don’t, do not hesitate to seek professional services.

Create groups and spaces

It is very important for the people who would be buying your NFTs to have a common medium to interact. In 2022, that could mean a lot of things. It can be a Reddit group, a Telegram group, or a Discord server. It can also be all these at the same time.

Once you have a protected place to make announcements and engage with the audience, your chances of selling NFTs are higher. Customers would be more invested in the collection and would also have a place to share their own takes on the issue. It is an extension of social media marketing and requires a lot more privacy and exclusivity.

Incentivize your customers

Nothing works better than freebies and rewards to draw customers. When you want to distribute your NFTs through various channels, it can be difficult to get the same traction everywhere. That’s where the importance of incentivizing is even more.

The best incentive for an NFT collection would be an NFT itself. It is the simplest and easiest freebie and would also help you push out a few samples to the buyers. Depending on how good the work is, incentivizing can also lead to great word-of-mouth marketing.

Build customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty is crucial to selling anything, including NFTs. For example, when you have a loyal customer base, they would be eager to try anything new that you launch. It would give a great headstart to your NFT distribution journey. Building customer loyalty depends on many things, but the core idea is to offer something that will keep your consumers/audience keep coming for more. Once you have that kind of hook in the product you are selling, it’d be very easy to build customer loyalty.


We hope this brief guide will help you to better understand the business side of NFTs and how to make money off them.

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