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How to Discover the Identity of an Unknown Caller ?

unknown caller

When you receive a call from an unknown phone number, it can be frustrating and annoying to have to ask awkward questions. “Hello, who is this?” “How may I help you?” “Where do you get my number?” There is a certain level of confidence and relief you feel when you know the caller before picking up the phone.

How to Track an Unknown Caller?

With the advent of new and exciting technologies, it is easy to gather information on a caller’s contact details using only the phone number. You can find the owner of the cell phone number for free by using any of the following methods:

Use a Reverse Phone Lookup Site

You can Find Owner of Cell Phone Number for Free with a reverse phone lookup website or mobile app. Simply type the phone number in the search bar of the software, like Funinformatique. In a few seconds, it will display the name of the caller as well as the current location or postal address that is linked with the number. While some of these websites are free, others cost money.

Search for them on social media platforms.To set up a social media account, you will be required to fill in your phone number and other relevant data. This is true of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Social networks have become an ocean of information, which is very important in figuring out the identities of the users.

Get the Data Through WhatsApp

To get the name of an unknown caller on WhatsApp, simply save the number to your contacts. The associated WhatsApp profile will appear immediately. You can then view the name and profile picture of the unknown caller.

Get the Data Through Facebook

There are two ways to secure the identity of an unknown caller on a platform like Facebook. The simpler version is typing the phone number in the search bar, and this identifies the owner of the number without any charge.

The second option is to visit the Facebook recovery page. Upon request for a phone number, type the phone number of the unknown caller. If the person has a Facebook page or account, information like the name, photo, and nicknames associated with the number will be displayed.

Try Using the Firefox Browser

You can also determine the identity of an unknown caller without a PC & Tech Guide by downloading SignalHire on your Firefox browser. SignalHire extracts data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub. When you type in the unknown number on SignalFire, it brings out the email address and the social media profiles linked with the number.

Consider Checking a Public Database

The identity of an unknown caller can be unraveled by combing through public databases. Several companies make the contact details of their employees access to the public. You should expect to see the name and location of the unknown caller immediately.

Several sites offer reverse phone lookup services for mobile numbers. These sites automatically comb through public archives to get your numbers. All you need to do is type the mobile number into the search bar and let it work.

Finding the identity of an unknown caller has become easier and faster than ever before. Follow the methods mentioned above and put your mind at ease when you receive calls from numbers that are not in your phone book.

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