The personal desk robot assistant helps you to discover new abilities in yourself

We rather often come across new and unexpected challenges in our lives. More often than not it is something simple, and the advent of such a problem does not frighten us, but only makes us feel uncomfortable. But sometimes, arising tasks catch us just when you least need it. For example, at the worst possible moment your car might break down, or the water heater might malfunction, or, rushing to work in the morning, you might find that the lock on the door is jammed. But these situations are not always about some kind of damage, sometimes you may have a need to do something, or perhaps you may have an idea you want to bring to life. Here, our main enemy is fear and doubt of success. Not everyone will attempt to build a tree house, make a new hairstyle, or maybe even cook a new meal.

In order to successfully deal with a sudden idea that pops into your head, or to solve any other problem you are stranger to, you need to have some necessary skills and abilities. Many people think it’s impossible to know everything, but when you actually look into it, the things turn out to be a lot easier than they seem. In order to solve any problem, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. For example, to fix a lock, you need to turn a screwdriver correctly several times, and to make a new dish, you need to mix the ingredients right.

It sounds simple enough, but why do people hesitate to do all these things if they can? It’s simple – the fear of failure and responsibility overcomes the desire to make at least one attempt. It is this fear that makes us call a repairman in any unclear situation, and pay money to get someone else to do what we can actually do ourselves faster and better.

Engineers in California have found a clever solution to help people do all the things they need without fear of failure. They have created an innovative robot that helps its owners to do many different tasks, even things like repairing or setting things up. Sunny Robot is only a mediator, a kind of “shell” for the remote connection. Any technician the owner needs can be connected to the robot to see, hear and navigate surroundings using the robot’s advanced capabilities.

The robot has many useful features it can actively use as your personal assistant. It may point at objects around and ask you to do something with them. Sunny Robot can also connect to any home appliance and make settings. Most tasks are solved by working together: the personal assistant acts as a mentor and tells you what to do, while the robot owner follows the instructions.

How to discover new abilities in yourself?


Now, if you want to do something new and yet unknown, just ask Sunny to find the right specialist who will advise you and help complete the task step by step. Sunny Solutions has taken care to motivate as many people as possible to become personal assistants and created opportunities for them to share their experience and thereby help solve problems more quickly. Sunny Robot, like an advanced video-enabled smartphone, is a handy mediator that connects you to a large team of experts ready to come to your aid.

Sunny robot is a new device that aims to take its place at the top level of the smart assistant industry. Why at the top? Because Sunny is much smarter than any other device that has ever existed. And this is far from the limit as this innovative machine will continue to outperform any robot in everything, because Sunny’s strength and intelligence lies in people willing to engage and enhance the robot’s capabilities.

The personal desk robot assistant helps you to discover new abilities in yourself

The authors of Sunny Solutions project believe it is their robot that will allow millions of people to obtain new skills without the fear of failure which will result in improving life standards. This will happen when users experience Sunny’s help a number of times, realize that they can rely on the robot and start asking for advice more often. Within no time at all, home assistants like the Sunny Robot will be in every home and office. Meanwhile, you can buy the robot right now from the official website ( Find out what you can make with your own hands. Your abilities are boundless, and maybe it’s Sunny that will help you discover your true potential.

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