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How to Determine the Cost of Power Washing Jobs in 5 Easy Steps: A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Businesses

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Providing accurate estimates for power wash cleaning tasks might be challenging at times. There are various aspects to take into account, such as the level of competition in the area and the level of demand. In regions with colder climates, the demand for power washing may only occur during certain times of the year. Power washers operating in regions where there is a lot of competition will need to keep a close eye on the market’s average pricing.

If you follow these five steps, estimating power washing projects will be a process that is simpler and more easy. This is especially helpful for smaller firms who are just starting out in the company.

1. Compute the surface area

According to, the majority of pressure washing prices are determined by either the square footage or the linear footage of the area that needs to be cleaned.

Before submitting an estimate, it is in your best interest to go to the property in person to have a firsthand look at the current state of the location. Inquire of the client as to the specifics of what they want done, as well as whether or not they require any specialised services or require any repair work.

Square Footage

Roofs, roads, sidewalks, fences, decks, siding, commercial cleaning, parking lots, and garage flooring are examples of projects that can have their costs evaluated depending on the square footage of the area involved.

Determine the length and width of the area to get the square footage for that space. The most accurate tool is a laser distance measurer. Take the length and multiply it by the breadth. After that, multiply that total by 1.35 to get an approximation of the square footage.

footage taken in a linear fashion

Houses and boats are examples of projects that are priced according on the linear footage involved. You only need to measure the length of the structure, ignoring the breadth and the thickness of the structure. You are now able to charge by the linear foot. The rate per linear foot is higher than the rate per square foot for this service.

2. Determine the pricing strategy you will use.

The estimates that power washers provide for residential jobs are often based on one of the following three pricing strategies:

  • either by the square foot or the linear foot.
  • hourly rate
  • Flat rate

Pricing items by the square foot or the linear foot makes it simpler to place bids on lots and structures with varying dimensions and configurations. The use of an hourly rate ensures that you will be compensated for each and every hour of work performed.

Flat rate pricing is convenient for experienced power washers who are already familiar with the prices associated with various jobs and how factors such as rough surfaces may affect those prices. Using this approach, you will first determine an approximate price based on the square footage of the area in question, and then you will add your markup to that figure.

Flat rate pricing enables you to make more money, but in order to do it right, it needs to be done by a competent professional, as stated by the aqualuxe.

3. Pricing Tailored to Each Individual Project

The prices vary from service to service as well. Your power washing task, whether it be a house or a parking lot, can be estimated with the help of the following standard prices, which are based on national averages:


  • The exterior flat rate ranges from €91 to €275
  • $1.75 to $1.25 for per linear foot (single-story house)
  • $1.75 to $2.25 for per linear foot (two-story house).


  • The price of a single story is €111.
  • $135 for the use of two floors
  • 211 euros distributed across three tiers


  • Only the bottom 5 cents per linear foot is due.
  • every part of the vessel


  • The cost is 1.21 cents worth of euro per square foot.
  • Fees should be increased by a factor of two or three for roofs with steep pitches.

Driveways as well as sidewalks.

  • Flat pricing of €61-€151 per month (depending on size)
  • €1.18-€1.14 per square foot.

Structures such as fences, decks, and siding

  • per square foot: €1.21-€1.25

Mobile Homes

  • Flat rates ranging from €51 to €85 for mobile homes (depends on condition).
  • Flat rates ranging from €81 to €111 for double beds (depends on condition).

Commercial Cleaning Services

  • To clean basic surfaces will cost between €1.18 and €1.12 cents per square foot.
  • A regular dumpster will cost you €75, but a large dumpster will set you back €151.

Parking Garages, Parking Lots, and Drive-Thrus

  • $1.15 to $1.25 per square foot for garage floors and parking lots (depends on condition).
  • 11–21 euros is charged for each parking place.

4. Determine how much it will cost for the materials and the overhead.

Chemicals are an additional expense that must be accounted for when performing work on decks, fencing, and siding. For instance, the cost of the chemicals used to power wash a roof is approximately 51 Euros. There will also be a difference in price based on whether or not you want to do the cleaning with cold water or hot water.

According to aqualuxe, overhead is yet another expense that you must be sure to account for in your estimates.

Let’s take a look at some monthly costs based on a paid work week that is 31 hours long.

  • Loan for a vehicle: 411 euros, or 3.33 euros an hour
  • The annual premium for auto insurance comes to 125 Euros, or 1.14 Euros per hour.
  • The cost of cleaning products is €411 (3.33 euros per hour).
  • The combined cost of using the phone and the internet is €151 per hour, or €1.25 per minute.
  • fuel costs 511 euros a month, or 4.17 euros an hour.
  • €611 or €5.11 per hour for advertising
  • Equipment maintenance and fuel: €11 per hour.
  • Rent for the office is €911 per month, and €9 per hour (optional).

Just the overhead costs amount to roughly 41 euros per hour. You also need to account for your personal wage (let’s say €29 an hour at €61,111 a year) and money to put back into the company (€21,111 or €9.51 an hour).

Your hourly rate now stands at €78.51 after this adjustment.

You are only getting paid for a total of 31 hours of work, but you normally spend at least 11 additional hours on administrative activities. Therefore, you need to make sure that your hourly rate takes into account these 11 hours of work that are going unpaid.

When rounded up to the next whole euro, your weekly income should be €3,211 if you put in 41 hours of work. You will require an additional €812 in earnings. If you divide €811 by the 31 hours that you are working, you will discover that you need to charge €26.66 more, which comes to a total of €116 per hour for your services.

5. Compute the overall sum.

Calculate the cost of the project based on the usual rates for the job, making careful to take into account the cost of the materials as well as the overhead costs. You can also choose to use one of the regular flat fees that are provided above.

Here’s yet more tactic to try:

The estimated cost of the project can be calculated as follows: (Cost of Materials x 2) plus Cost of Cleaning with Cold or Hot Water.

The cost of cleaning with cold water should be in the range of €45 to €51, and cleaning with hot water should cost in the range of €55 to €61.

If the price of the materials is 211 Euros, for instance, multiply that number by two to get 411 Euros. Consider for a moment that you are cleaning with hot water.

The total cost of the project is expected to be 461 euros, which is equal to 411 euros plus 61 euros.

How Do You Determine an Appropriate Price for a Power Washing Job?

According to aqualuxe, the cost of power washing in Dublin can range anywhere from €183 to €381, with €281 being the national average cost.

Houses that are power washed typically cost between €221 and €381 to clean. Driveways cost between €131 and €221 and decks and patios cost between €251 and €421. The total cost is determined by the size of the surface being cleaned as well as any cleaning chemicals that may be required.

Jobs that need power washing are often priced either by the square foot, the hour, or on a flat rate basis. More information regarding each of these approaches may be found up above.

What is the Price of Pressure Washing per Square Foot?

The cost of pressure washing a square foot is on average from €1.18 and €1.35 (U.S. dollars). This number is dependent on the typical prices charged in your area.

According to aqualuxe, the cost of using a pressure washer can range from €1.41 to €1.81 per square foot when there are stubborn stains, filth, or mould that require additional time to remove.

How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Wash an Area Per Hour?

According to aqualuxe, the rate of pay for an hour of pressure washing is anywhere from €61 to €111.

For instance, power washing a property with a floor area of 1,211 square feet can take up to six hours and cost anything from €361 to €611.

It takes approximately one hour (€61 to €111) to pressure wash a roof, two to three hours (€121 to 311) to pressure wash a driveway or sidewalk, and it takes approximately one to two hours (€61 to 211) to pressure wash decks, porches, and patios.

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