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How to Design Custom Challenge Coins for Your Business

Custom Challenge Coins

Do you own a small business?

Being a business owner isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges you can ever take on. After all, building a successful company of any size profitable and running efficiently requires strategic planning, great marketing, and a good team of quality employees.

Recognizing the members of your team will help keep them motivated and give them a sense of pride in the quality of their performance. That’s why many small business owners have learned the value of using customer challenge coins as a form of employee recognition. 

Here we take a look at how to design challenge coins in order to take your company to the next level. Keep reading to learn more. 

Keep Text to a Minimum

Let’s start by discussing the importance of keeping the text on your corporate coins to a minimum. After all, you’ll have very limited space to work with for your overall design.

Keep in mind that the purpose of customized challenge coins is to clearly convey your message, thus you should always keep the design as clean as possible.

The best strategy is to place text around the border of business coins in a circular fashion, much like you’d see it positioned on pennies, dimes, and quarters. It’s also a good idea to use abbreviations rather than entire words.

Make Your Design Unique

Another important tip is to make your challenge coin design stick out from the crowd. In other words, create a unique design that will turn heads. You should also try to take a modern approach to timeless designs and think about versatility.

Don’t Use Clip Art

Next, you should avoid using clip art in your challenge coin design. Why? Because it would just make your design look tacky.

Another reason to avoid clip art is to ensure that your design looks as fresh and unique as possible. Keep in mind that clip art and premade flash found on the internet has already been used over and over again, resulting in boring challenge coin designs.

Here’s a resource where you can learn about different types of corporate coins.

Pay Attention to Proportion and Balance

Good design doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, there is an art to producing timeless and beautiful corporate coins. 

Take the time to study quality designs on other challenge coins. Pay attention to their use of proportion and balance to understand why those designs work so well and apply the same design techniques to your coins.

Design Tips for Custom Challenge Coins

It’s no secret that small business owners depend on their employees in every aspect of their operation. That’s why it’s such a wise investment to design custom challenge coins that help your team members understand they are a valued part of your organization.

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