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How To Design And Visualize Your Game Boxes Attractively

The boxes in which your games are sold are essential to their success. Customers entering a gaming shop are immediately drawn to your packaging boxes. Since they are the first thing they see, your game boxes need to grab their attention. Additionally, they need to provide some context about your products inside. Indeed, this is not an easy task at all. On the other hand, it is not impossible as well. In this post, you will get some tips to design and visualize your boxes attractively. Let’s get started!

The Structure Details of Custom Board Game Boxes

Before designing your custom board game boxes, let’s nail down all the package’s technical and structural details. Keep in mind that the lid and the bottom boxes are the standards for storing table games in the wild. You may try out other models, however.

The custom artwork creation process might begin after you select the boxes, materials, and dimensions. Of course, you need to make an effort to come up with a visually appealing and educational layout.

How Should the Visual of Custom Game Boxes Be?

Studying customer habits before you start working on your artwork is essential. You should examine your habits before moving on to those of your friends. Eventually, the rest of the gaming community.

You need to learn what makes people pick up a game and purchase it. This helps you keep mistakes to a minimum. Then, you may arrange the text and images, whatever you want inside your custom game boxes. According to the use, each area of the box should have different text, logos, and graphics.

Plus, all the texts and graphics must be consistent with the game’s theme.

So, let’s have a look at the tips below!

The Front (Cover) of the Boxes

The front must include the following features:

  • Cover design
  • Prominent name recognition
  • Your brand’s slogan, flavor text, or identifier
  • Who created the game?

When designing a cover, you should use your finest skills and most captivating images. Remember that game’s cover art should be eye-catching, enticing them to flip it over.

All of these things make your boxes unique rest of the others. Plus, the graphic makes your product inside look outstanding.

The Sides of the Boxes

Include the following:

  • The number of players
  • Specific ages
  • “Time to play!”

Keep in mind that the front of the box is not responsible for explaining the game. Instead, it is ideal for encouraging the player to pick up the boxes and read the back. No more explanation is necessary.

What’s more, the slides must be sturdy and make your product save throughout the shipping.

The Back (Bottom)

Here, you need to use drawings or diagrams to demonstrate how the game components interact. If the rules of your game are printed clearly on the box, then anybody might play it and teach it to others.

Direct your words toward the players and appeal to their emotions to win them over. Avoid wall-to-wall text reams. Instead, you can use use bullet points or short paragraphs to make your point.

In the end, designing unique packaging boxes for your game product will surely make it unique and save sound.

What Is the Best Material for Game Packaging Boxes?

The choice of materials for your game packaging boxes is essential. There are various options to choose from.

For instance, what is a better way to stand out than with eco-friendly packaging materials? Or else, you can choose a more natural, kraft-style appearance for your boxes. Many boxes are brightly colored, so standing out can be easier if you go against the grain. If you need to ship your game products, then you should choose corrugated instead. And what about exclusive rigid to make your game more stylish?

The choice is yours to decide!

What About the Style for Your Custom Board Game Box?

The style you choose for your custom board game box will also reflect your brand and appeal to customers. A box can be printed in any color and style, and they look great on shelves.

In addition, you can combine custom cutouts and finishes for an eye-catching box that will persuade customers. This type is an excellent way to show off your brand, while also giving your customers the confidence to purchase. Before choosing the right style you surely need to know the selection of types.

Some main types for you to choose from are listed below:

  • Roll end tuck
  • Telescoping style
  • Tray & sleeve style

Keep in mind that your box needs to catch the attention of customers. Even better, it should be a able to help you make your business stand out. Whether you want them for yourself or as gifts for your loved ones, this box should be a great way to add a professional touch.

Besides, since you are the one who created the game, this box will become a treasured part of your collection. You can make your box look more creative and eye-catching for grabbing the attention of buyers. You can add a coating option for grabbing the attention of buyers. Most importantly, you can print it with your brand logo and gaming details. This way, you can improve your sales and customers’ interest without any hassle!

Things to Note When Designing Game Boxes Wholesale

Yes, you can design your packaging style differently from competitors and promote your brand in distinguish way. You can design game boxes wholesale by working with packaging experts. Plus, you can describe your ideas for improving the packaging style. Of course, you can design these boxes according to your product protection and market trend.

To help you with the design, below are some things you should note!

  • Choose the right packaging material with the right thickness
  • Go with innovative printing techniques such as offset and digital methods
  • Apply modern color models such as PMS and CMYK color schemes
  • Use high-quality finishing options to polish your boxes

Wrapping Up

Indeed, your game boxes require careful thought and planning. Hopefully, some tips to modify and visualize your boxes attractively we revealed here will help you design them. To start with your design, you can always contact My Box Printer!

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