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How To Defrost A Beverage Refrigerator

Is your beverage refrigerator full of unwanted ice? Then you need to defrost the beverage refrigerator.

Ice builds in beverage refrigerators with the entry of moist air. The air can enter the refrigerator in many ways. It can be through a faulty door seal or any other gap, especially if you’re using a low-quality model. That’s why you need to buy beverage refrigerators from top sellers like this brand.

Defrosting a beverage refrigerator is easy, but it takes time. In this blog, you will learn how to defrost a beverage refrigerator. So without any delay, let’s jump into it.

6 Easy Steps to Defrost a Beverage Refrigerator

1.    Always Defrost Before It Is Stuck

Most people defrost their refrigerators when they can’t close the door. It is a wrong Decision. Refrigerators have to consume more time when there is extra ice. Defrosting at the right time will save your bills in the long run. So do not wait until your door gets stuck. Defrost the beverage refrigerator when the ice thickness is 0.5 inches or 0.25 inches. This will extend the lifetime of your beverage refrigerator.

2.    Turn off the Power and Take out Your Beverages

The first thing to do is turn off the power and pull the plug out. Keeping the power on will only increase the defrost time. When power is off, and ice starts to melt slowly, take out your bottles and cans. Do not use force or use any sharp object to remove ice. You can use a plastic spatula but don’t be harsh. Using force or sharp objects can damage the refrigerator permanently. Also, take out any other objects like a rack or tray.

3.    Place a Bowl of Hot Water

Leaving your refrigerator at room temperature will take hours to defrost. The best thing you can do is place a bowl of hot water inside the refrigerator. It will increase the temperature, and ice will melt faster. And do not think about closing the door. Closing the door with hot water can be dangerous. If possible, reheat the water every 15 minutes. Do not pour hot water directly into the refrigerator.

4.    Use Old Towel or Newspaper to Absorb the Water

When the ice starts to melt, your kitchen floor might flood with ice-cold water. The water can also get into other appliances and cause problems. So the best idea is to use old towels or newspapers. Place the rags in front of your beverage refrigerator door and let them absorb the water. Replace the towels or newspaper when needed.

5.    Wash the Refrigerator

It is important to wash your beverage refrigerator to keep it germs-free. Once you have defrosted all the ice, wash the insides. Use soapy water to wash the walls. Do not forget to wash the door seals. Cleaning the door seals will increase their strength. You can also use baking soda to clean the insides. After washing it, rinse it with normal water.

6.    Dry and Plug It In

Now, when you have defrosted and cleaned your refrigerator. Make sure to wipe it with a clean and dry rag. Water can form unwanted ice in your refrigerator. After wiping it with a dry cloth, plug it in and use it as usual.


As you are here, you already know how to defrost a beverage refrigerator. I have tried my best to explain the simple process. Follow them step by step for the best result. After learning this easy method, you do not have to hire any professional. Now you can clean it yourself and have the best results. Enjoy cooling your favorite beverages without any trouble.

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