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How to Deal with a Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers make it easy for garage owners to have smooth access to their garage and the house itself. Your garage is an integral part of your home because aside from being the shed for your vehicle, it can also be your storage room. Most of the problems you can encounter regarding your garage are your garage door openers. 

Handling a malfunctioning garage door opener’s difficulty varies for different reasons. Not all garage door opener malfunctions are the same; they all differ. You can find some DIY how-to-fix garage door openers online, but some are easy to handle. When complex fixing needs to be done, you might leave those to the professionals to avoid further loss of time, effort, and money. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can handle a malfunctioning garage door opener, that to do, and how much it would cost you.

How to open the garage door manually?

Unexpected circumstances happen every day. Sometimes when the weather is extra windy and gloomy, and the weather forecast is expecting chances of rain, there are times that power outage might happen because of damaged power lines. A power outage means that you can’t open your garage door automatically because garage door openers rely on electricity. There are also instances where your garage door opener motor malfunction, causing your vehicle to get trapped inside the garage. Due to the long-time usage of garage door openers, sometimes you forget how to manually open the garage door. Now, to freshen your knowledge, here are tips on how to open your garage door manually to avoid further damage to both your garage doors and vehicles.

  • If you are going to attempt to open your garage door manually, make sure that the garage door is in the down position. This would make the disconnection from the garage door opener easier. If your door is in mid-air when the power outage happens, it will be quite dangerous to disengage the garage door opener while it is in mid-air because the springs might break. This would cause the opener to release the garage door’s weight fully, and your garage door will slam to the hard ground if ever.
  • Try to pull the emergency release cord. The emergency release cord disconnects the trolley from the garage door so that it can move freely.
  • Manually move the garage door to open or close.
  • If the power’s back, you must pull the emergency release cord back to the door again.
  • Reconnect the trolley to the door.

How to program a garage door opener?

Programming your own garage door opener has many benefits. You get to gain knowledge of programming it, and at the same time, you will gain knowledge as to how to locate the problem if ever your garage door opener malfunctions. Garage door openers are used and connected to a remote that monitors the garage door. Programming the garage door opener is one way to fix the garage door to function well.

What you need to do:

  • Find and press the LEARN button – The learn button can be found on either the remote control or the wall unit. But, most likely, it is on the wall unit.
  • Wait for the light to blink – After you press the learn button, it blinks near it. 
  • Press the main/open button on your garage door remote – You have roughly 30 seconds to press the main button on your remote after the light blinks in the learn button.
  • If the programming works fine, you will see the light blinking in your garage door opener.

What is the average cost of a new garage door opener?

Sometimes we ignore that leaving the garage door opener malfunctions to the professionals is much better than taking care of it ourselves or leaving it as it is. Compared to a broken garage door opener, installing a new one rather than leaving the broken one is better. Leaving it as it is and still using it will cost you more if the garage door breaks. This would cost you more inconvenience. But of course, choosing to DIY install your garage door opener is also valid, but if you have doubts, you should leave it to the pro. If your garage door opener problem is complex and big, you should consider something other than DIY installation, as this can be a little complicated and dangerous. You don’t have to be afraid of the expenses because this will guarantee a long life span for your garage door opener and the garage door itself. So how much is the average amount of a new garage door opener:

  • If you are having a professional install your garage door opener, you should prepare at least $200-$600. It comes with the garage door opener and the labor fee of the professional. 

Remember, your choice is to hire a professional to repair your garage door opener or have a DIY repair or installation. Just always note to figure out how big the problem is with your garage door openers. If it is simple and can be mended through DIY repair, then it is all good, but you need to call a garage door repair in Edmonton service when it is too complex. If you don’t know where to find one, you can always surf the internet and look for a garage door opener near me. If you live in Edmonton, you should hire The Garage Door Repair Guys of Edmonton, and your concerns will be addressed.

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