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How to cut cigar? Choosing The Right Cutter


Hi, my friend, let’s dive into the world of cigars like we’re exploring a treasure map. Don’t worry; I’ll guide you through every step, making sure we have some fun along the way.

Choosing The Right Cutter

Imagine you’re picking out the perfect tool for a special mission. Your cutter is your best buddy in the cigar world. You’ve got a few choices: guillotine (straight cut), V-cut, or punch cutter. If you’re just starting, a guillotine cutter is like the Swiss Army knife of cutters – versatile and easy to use. Want something fancier? A V-cut or punch cutter might be your style, giving you a different draw and flavor experience.

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Which humidor is best to store cigar?

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Where to Cut Cigar

First off, look for the “cap” of the cigar – that’s the small piece of tobacco leaf wrapped around the top to keep everything inside from falling out.  It’s like the lid on a soda bottle.  You want to cut just above this cap, which usually means slicing off about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from the cigar’s end.  If you’re eyeballing it, it’s like cutting off a tiny bit, just enough to open it up without chopping off too much.  You want to leave some of the cap in place so the cigar doesn’t start to unravel like a badly wrapped present.

The speed at which you cut is also key.  Think of it like pulling off a band-aid – do it quick and with confidence.  A fast, decisive cut is more likely to be clean and prevent the wrapper from tearing.  If you go too slow, you might end up squishing your cigar, and nobody wants that.

Remember, it’s all about cutting the right amount at the right spot.  Too much, and your cigar might fall apart;  too little, and you’ll have trouble drawing smoke through it.  It’s like cutting a piece of cake: too small a slice, and you’re left wanting more;  too big, and it’s tough to manage.  So, aim just above the cap, make a quick, clean cut, and you’ll be all set for a great smoke.

Which cigar is very good?

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What Part of a Cigar Do You Cut Off?

Just the cap! It’s the small piece at the end of the cigar that’s a bit like the lid on a soda can. Cutting off the cap makes your cigar ready for smoking, like popping the lid off your favorite drink.

What’s a Cigar Cap?

The cap is like the hat of the cigar – a small piece of tobacco leaf stuck on one end to keep everything inside nice and tight. It’s what you aim to remove (or at least open up) to get to the good stuff.

Which End is the Cigar Foot?

The foot is the bottom end of the cigar – the part you light. Think of it as the starting line of your smoking experience. It’s usually already cut and ready to be lit, like the wick of a candle.

Types of Cigar Cutters

Alright, let’s dive into the world of cigar cutters like we’re exploring a treasure chest of tools. Each type of cutter offers a different experience, kinda like choosing between a skateboard, bike, or scooter. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Guillotine Cutter – This is your classic cutter, like the main character in a movie. It can have either one or two blades. The single blade does the job, but the double blade gives you a cleaner, more precise cut. Imagine it’s like using scissors to cut paper; two blades just work better.
  2. V-Cut Cutter – The V-cut, also known as a cat’s eye cutter, makes a V-shaped cut on the cigar cap. It’s kinda like scooping out a piece of cake, giving you a good draw without chopping off too much.
  3. Punch Cutter – This one’s like using a hole puncher but for your cigar. It punches a small hole in the cap. Super easy to carry around and perfect if you want to keep things simple. Plus, it’s kinda fun to use.
  4. Scissor Cutter – Yep, just like regular scissors but specifically designed for cigars. These give you a lot of control over the cut, perfect for those who take their cigar cutting seriously. It’s like being an artist with your cigar.
  5. Cigar Knife – Imagine a Swiss Army knife but with a tool especially for cutting cigars. These are for the classy folks who want a multipurpose gadget in their pocket.
  6. Bullet Cutter – Similar to the punch cutter but usually attached to a keychain. It’s named for its shape, not because it’s super fast or anything. Great for making a clean hole without too much fuss.

So, when you’re picking your tool, think about what kind of rider you want to be. Want the classic, no-surprise cut? Go for the Guillotine. Feeling fancy and precise? The V-Cut might be your ride. Or maybe you’re the cool, easy-going type, so a Punch Cutter would suit you. Each cutter has its charm, just like choosing your favorite way to get around town. Happy cutting!

How to Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter

Caught without your cutter? No sweat! You can use a sharp knife (carefully), or even your fingernail, to make a small incision or peel the cap off. Think of it as MacGyvering your cigar ready.

How to Cut a Cigar With a Knife

Hold the cigar firmly, find the cap, and gently slice off the top with a sharp knife. Imagine you’re scoring bread before baking – gentle and precise.

How to V Cut a Cigar

Using a V-cutter? Place the cigar in the cutter to the correct depth, and press down firmly. You’re aiming to carve a neat V into the cap, like cutting a slice of pie.

How to Punch Cut a Cigar

Got a punch cutter? Press it against the cap and twist gently. It’s like using a cookie cutter on dough, punching out a perfect little circle for smoking.

How Much to Cut Off a Cigar

Less is more, my friend. You’re just removing or opening the cap, so about 1/16 to 1/8 inch (a few millimeters). Imagine you’re peeling an apple, and you want to keep as much fruit as possible.

So there you go! With these tips, you’re ready to enjoy your cigar adventure. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the moment and finding what works best for you. Happy smoking!

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