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How to Create Online Backups – Easy & Free

What Does Online Backup Work?

Online backup refers to the process of sending copies of files or databases to a secure online backup service, which offers off-site storage locations. Also known as cloud backup or remote backup, the aim of online backups is to preserve and restore these copies in the event of disaster or failure occurs.

How to Select the Best Online Backup Service

What should you consider when choosing a cloud storage service? Here are some key aspects:

Security – Cloud backup services should include encryption and credentials management to reduce risks such as ransomware from affecting your data backups.

Features – If you need more features on cloud backups, like schedule backups, cloud data management, archiving, and so on, choose the one that matches your specific needs.

Cost – Cloud providers often charge fees per gigabyte of data stored capacity, with different costs for different storage tiers.

Efficiency – Data should be uploaded efficiently to and from the chosen clouds, saving you time and effort.

All-in-One Cloud Backup Solution for Windows PCs – CBackup

After evaluating multiple online storage services based on the key aspects, CBackup stands out as one of the best free cloud backup services. This all-around backup tool allows users to backup data to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and multiple cloud drives from PC; also, it offers to backup data from one cloud to another without data size and type limitations.

Here are some robust features of this reliable cloud backup solution:

High security – This software is based on the OAuth authorization system, and it utilizes 256-bit AES encryption for data transfer between/to clouds. Also, it complies with GDPR & Privacy.

Flexible backup features – Apart from backing up data to or between public clouds, it offers you to backup to CBackup Cloud, its own secure backup space, which gives 10GB of free space for each account.

Powerful sync functions – This tool comes with PC to cloud sync and cloud to cloud sync features, allowing you to transfer data from local to cloud as well as migrate Dropbox to OneDrive and other clouds.

Auto backup/sync – You can set up backup or sync tasks to run automatically in a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency.

Quick restore – It has no restrictions on data backup speeds, and you can quickly restore the back-up data free to the original location or a new path whenever needed.

How to Backup Data Online using CBackup

If you are interested in how to back up files online using the CBackup cloud backup tool, please follow the detailed guideline below.

Step 1. Install the CBackup software on your computer. Sign up for an account from its website, and then log in.

Step 2. Choose one of the following backup methods according to your needs:

  • Backup data to CBackup Cloud: Go to the Backup section, and click on Backup PC to CBackup Cloud to create a backup tasks.


  • Backup data to Public Cloud: Head to Storage tab, add your target cloud drive, like Google Drive, and grant cloud access to CBackup first. Then, pick Backup PC to Public Cloud on the Backup screen.


Step 3. On the New Backup Task page, select the data you plan to back up under Source. Then, choose your destination cloud drive. (CBackup Cloud is picked by default if you are backing up to CBackup Cloud)

Step 4. Then, click on Start Backup to commence the process of backing up data online.



  • You can configure automatic backup for data in Settings > Scheduler, and choose the appropriate backup mode.
  • From here, you can also enable File Filter to exclude or only include wanted file types for backup or sync; and set up Email Notifications for your tasks.
  • To make the most out of your cloud backup experience, ensure to coupon or redeem rewards that can be used for additional storage, discounts or exclusive features.

In the End

With the right backup solution, it is simple and efficient to do online backups for your important files and folders. The reliable free cloud backup service CBackup can help you backup data to multiple cloud drives and move data from one cloud to another without any limitations.

What’s more, this tool comes with a “Combine Cloud” function that is capable of merging cloud accounts from the supported public clouds, which can help you expand cloud storage space for free. Go to get this fully-featured cloud backup tool now and perform online backup data with ease.

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