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How to Create Engaging Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos

Video content is trending on social media and creates sizable engagement. Most social media algorithms back video content, which has become a powerful tool for branding and marketing. Videos have significantly higher chances of becoming viral than static posts. If you look at leading brands and businesses, most have integrated cutting-edge video content into their marketing campaigns. In our opinion, and per research, videos have a higher viewership rate, engagement and reach.

Video consumption on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has drastically jumped. On average, there are 8 billion average daily views for videos on social media. However, creating engaging and unique videos for social media is highly competitive. If you plan to create social media videos, here are some tips and tricks to help you up the game.

Brainstorm and plan well for the content 

It is challenging to make videos online unless well-planned. Do a complete research and decide to ideate the concept and the content. The first step to creating engaging social media videos for the brand is understanding the audience and the kind of concept that appeals to them. Here are a few ways to plan the content for maximum engagement.

Be sure —

  • Of the goal and what do you expect from the social media campaign. Before implementing an idea or concept and creating a video, analyze how it would be helpful for the target audience.
  • To study the competitor’s content and understand social media video content trending. As a beginner shooting video, it is best to take an idea and inspiration, not copy content.
  • To conduct a survey and ask customers about the kind of video they want to see on your social media. Keeping the right balance of different videos is vital to keep the audience informed and entertained.

Plan Variation in Content for Different Social Media Channels 

All social media channels are different, so it is crucial to create versatile content. For example, short-form video content like Reels is backed by the algorithm of Instagram. Likewise, for LinkedIn, videos need to be better planned and formal. However, if you plan to share long-form video content, YouTube is the best platform. Hence, avoid posting the same content on all social media channels. As you brainstorm ideas, prepare a schedule and stick to it to maintain consistency. Here are some variations in content received positively on social media:

  • Informative short-form videos like Reels on Instagram.
  • Entertaining and educational videos.
  • Long-form “how-to” videos to understand a product or service.
  • Storytelling videos evoke emotions in the audience.
  • Q&A videos help in connecting and engaging with the audience.

Recording the Video 

Once you have brainstormed enough on the idea and have a plan, the next is to start the recording process. You do not need expensive cameras and gears to make videos online; however, it is the basic setup and the idea that does wonders. The recording is fun, and it is easy to create incredible videos using your smartphone. It is great if you have a DSLR, but a smartphone will suffice for beginners. Here are some essentials you need to create professional-grade social media videos:

  • Camera – It does not matter if it is a DSLR or smartphone, but all you need is a device that records. The smartphone is indeed the most convenient and powerful device to shoot. Most smartphones have excellent video and audio quality. 
  • Stabilizer – Shaky and blurred videos are annoying and are a big no. It is best to invest in a tripod or gimbal, which helps in stabilizing video footage. There are many affordable and cheap tripods perfect for beginners. 
  • External microphone – Voice clarity is something that should not be compromised. It is best to invest in a microphone to improve the sound quality. 
  • Good lighting – Natural lighting and golden hours are best for shooting. However, if you are indoors recording the video, it is crucial to have ample lighting to make it bright. While recording the video, make sure the light source is evenly spread.
  • Set up the background – Always ensure the location is clutter-free or monochrome with a simple background. An excellent environment enhances the video quality and helps the audience focus on the content. 

Editing of the Video

A rookie mistake most people make is putting out the video on social media without editing. While recording the video, much needs to be trimmed. Online video editors are easy to use and require no technical knowledge. The in-built editing tools are easy to use, enhancing the video quality by playing with several factors like brightness, exposure, saturation, clarity, etc. Many video editors include tons of pre-made templates customized for different social media platforms, making video creation and editing even more manageable.

Video SEO Optimization 

Video SEO is integral yet overlooked and helps increase the video content’s visibility. Optimizing the video’s SEO is vital before sharing it on social media. Here are a few ways to optimize SEO before sharing the same:

  • Always add keywords in the description or script to increase its ranking and visibility on the search engine.
  • SEO optimizes the title with appropriate keywords to make it visible to the target audience.
  • Make sure to customize the thumbnail relevant to the content. This makes the video more appealing.
  • Use subtitles appropriately to cater to a global audience. For example, if you are creating videos in a regional language, add English subtitles to the video so that it is well-understood by audiences across the world. 

Once the edited video content is ready, share it across social media platforms and do not forget to use appropriate hashtags.  An effective way to enhance the engagement for the videos is to share them across multiple platforms. Conduct complete analytics of the video stats, time of maximum engagement, and research on the target audience before sharing. Schedule when to post the video to create higher audience engagement. 


Video content dominates social media, and brands need to use videos to increase engagement. Creating engaging videos takes some time and planning. It is crucial to keep an eye on the competition and be inspired to inspire and create fresh videos defining your brand. If you have just started making videos to learn or for social media, the above tips are great to kick-start the video creation process.  

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