How to Create Delivery Challan Using a Mobile Phone

Ontime goods delivery and customer acknowledgement are vital in any retail or wholesale business. That’s why businesses use delivery challan for different purposes, which are important for any organisational accounts department, sales department, customer, and record keeping. They use billing software to handle their delivery challans accurately and have no delays in challan generation.

This article will explore creating a delivery challan using a mobile phone, a convenient option for any retailer and wholesaler nowadays.

What is a Delivery Challan?

A delivery challan is a document the seller gives to the buyer upon delivering the items, which may or may not lead to sales. For example, the registered person will issue a delivery challan for transporting goods if a retail chain store sends items from one warehouse to another.

A delivery challan –

  • Acts as proof of delivery
  • Useful in cases when actual invoice is not prepared as the goods are sent to the customer’s place for sale/return
  • Will be issued when an e-way bill is not necessary
  • Will be effective where goods are transported in multiple shipments
  • Will be issued when transport of goods are shipped outside India for exhibition or export promotion

This way, a delivery challan comes into existence, which contains the buyer’s address, delivery address, items shipped and the quantity of goods.

Know How Billing Software Ensures Efficient Delivery Challan Creation

Billing software is the easiest way to create delivery challans. As we know, the delivery challan is a crucial document required during the transit of goods from one location to another. If your business involves the frequent shipment of goods, then you must consider having billing software that makes your delivery challan creation process simple, error-free and effortless.

  • A billing software offers faster challan creation in comparison to the manual method.
  • Maintaining a record of all the generated challans makes tracking shipments and managing inventory easier.
  • You can customise invoices by adding a business logo, choosing a layout, including additional information, etc.
  • Billing software can be integrated with inventory management systems and accounting software, which makes it easier to manage and track all aspects of the business.

How To Create Delivery Challan Using Mobile App

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, mobile apps play a pivotal role in streamlining various processes, including creating delivery challans. The delivery challans creation through the mobile app is possible by using cloud-based billing software. Most cloud-based software provides a mobile app for easy access and portability. Using such software would provide you with the following benefits.

  • Convenience & Mobility: Enable on-the-go challan creation, reducing manual work and delays and making it accessible from anywhere for the delivery personnel.
  • Real-time Updates: Offer real-time delivery challan updates, enhance logistics, track goods, and provide accurate delivery information to customers.
  • Time Savings & Cost Savings: Save time through automation, streamlined processes, quick data entry, digital signatures, and electronic delivery challan submission.
  • Reduced Errors: Offer validation and error-checking, ensuring accurate and error-free delivery challans through improved data entry.
  • Digital Storage & Data Security: Provide digital storage for delivery challans, saving physical space and enabling secure retrieval of records when needed.

Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Billing Software with Mobile App

With numerous options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the most suitable billing software for your business needs. To aid in this decision-making process, consider the following key factors:

  • Functionality and features that are compatible with your existing systems
  • User-friendly interface to ensure smooth navigation and quick adoption by your staff
  • Security and data privacy to safeguard your data
  • Integration and compatibility with your existing business tools and systems
  • Customer support and updates to improve the business presence
  • Reviews and ratings to know the app’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Trial period to test the app’s functionality and suitability for your specific scalability and growth
  • Cost-effectiveness for better cost savings


 Q: Can I create a delivery challan using my mobile phone?

A: Yes, many billing software companies offer mobile apps for the convenience of creating delivery challans on your phone.

Q: How can mobile apps help reduce errors in challan creation?

A: Mobile apps often include built-in validation and error-checking features for accurate data entry.

Q: What features ensure data security in mobile-generated delivery challans?

A: Mobile apps provide encryption and data protection for securely handling sensitive information.


Creating delivery challans using mobile billing apps offers efficiency, real-time updates, enhanced data security, and cost savings. Cloud-based billing software saves all the delivery challans’ records, making it easy to track them later. Thus, switching to a billing software solution that offers delivery challan applications according to your business needs and boosts your overall productivity is essential.

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