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How to Create a Perfect Website that Converts

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In this post let’s talk about all the different ways in which you can make your website a lead generating machine. The problem with websites is that it’s either designed to show graphical design or hastily built without conversions in mind.

So you need a refocus on your site that shows in the way for customers.

1. Start With a Great Website Foundation

Every site starts with a strong foundation. There’s no point painting your house’s walls if you built it on quicksand. The same is true for a website. You won’t get website conversions from visitors who only stay there for a second.

There need to be certain things in place before you start. The first thing to do is to invest in web development services to create an outstanding website presence. Key elements of a well-organized website include:

An Attractive Web Design

If you want to show potential customers you’re serious about your business, start with a professional face. This means designing your site professionally or making it look that way. If you run a brick-and-mortar business you don’t want it painted by a novice. The same holds true here.

You don’t get second chances to create great first impressions.

Use Negative Space in your Design

In web design, we call negative space as whitespace. Positive space contains on the elements on the site with negative space containing all the site design elements.

It’s a positive thing in web design that makes content readable and usable.

Despite the name, negative space is actually a positive thing in web design; without it, your website would be unreadable and unusable.

Negative space doesn’t just refer to the space between the larger more visible elements. It’s also the space between the header and your content or space between the sidebar and the content.

It is the space between paragraphs, the space between lines of text and the space between letters. Pay attention to all forms of negative space on your site to make things legible, and scannable because this is how people read websites and that results in higher conversions. 

Keep Your Website Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Like a well-oiled car, a website needs maintenance to run optimally. Lot of things that keep a site running actually impact the visitors. Think of your eCommerce store going down for an hour or so.

  • Ensure the software is tidy and up to date. Update plugins, themes and WordPress core version.
  • Use a CDN to run your site so you don’t lose customers
  • Add site security to the site.

Make the Most Important Things Easy to Find

This is where your navigation and links in places like the sidebar and footer come into play.

Start by making sure that the most important pages on your site are all easy to find and you can promote them to get site conversions. The contact page, product or service pages or other pages for lead generation must be easy to find.

People won’t go hunting and it’s hide-and-seek.

Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with you and buy your stuff. Look at OptinMonster’s navigation menu for the answer.

OptinMonster’s features pages, pricing information all are easy to find.

If your site doesn’t nail looks or conversions that you lose potential customers.

2. Drive Your Visitors Toward Your Goals

Your website’s primary goal is to help people fulfill business goals. Memorize it.

Your site needs to look great and run well. But what matters is conversion-focused design.

The idea is always simple: keep in mind that you’re sending visitors to a specific goal on your site. For example, if you have an explainer video that helps potential customers understand more about your product or service, you may want to upload it to YouTube and integrate the video on your website. Not only can it boost YouTube views, but it can also provide visitors with valuable information that helps to convert.

All in all, focus on micro conversions for website success

  • This means getting people to sign up to your list.
  • Luring visitors to a free trial
  • Following your social media accounts
  • Asking users to fill out the contact form for the services or coaching business

Now that you see the goals get them to it with a call to action button.

There’s a headline and supporting text that leads people to a call to action. You can spread call to action buttons throughout the site or place it in common places like the top of the page

The sidebar the footer and inside a popup.

One of the best ways to capture attention is through the homepage since it’s the most visited page on your site.

Optimize for Search

Finally optimize for search. SEO is today more about the visitor than pleasing  any search engine.

By doing this optimization you make more sales. 

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